“No Snowflake ever falls in the wrong place” – Zen saying

Welcome and thank you for visiting Ki Healing.

I’ve named the practice of my healing art Ki Healing because it is Ki that I dance, live, breathe, change and heal with. Ki renews, restores, balances, harmonizes, assists, informs and guides the wholeness of ourselves — our body, mind and spirit.

As a Reiki Practitioner and Angel Minister I work with you to create energetic movements and/or energetic shifts in you that lead to a shift in your personal Ki. These shifts could be anything from renewal of energy, increased energy, a change in your awareness, a beginning to awakening, an emotional release, an activation of change and more. It’s all a very individual experience. The shifts that you’ll experience are meant to and will lead to putting you onto your personal path; the purpose that you are here. If you’re wondering what you are here for, if you’re feeling anxious or ready to know your path, receiving Reiki will help you with just this, and much more. I can help you to clear away what keeps you from getting what you really want and to help you to take action toward your heart’s desires. As we work together, energetic pathways will open up inside of you, allowing for new possibilities and experiences to be born into your life.

When we nourish ourselves, take the time to drink water from a well, feed ourselves with the Ki all around us, support the vital energy that sustains us, we are creating pathways in our hearts, our bodies, and our minds to living a life that we are really meant to live and to love.

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