2 Tools To Discovering Your Path Reaching Your Potential

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On the way to discovering your path and reaching your potential you will need a tool box. At least two of the tools in your tool box must be: 1. knowing your medicine and 2. strong connection (These aren’t discussed in any particular order).

Here are the the tools and why you need them:

Your medicine is your genius, your special ingredient, your additive to your family, friends, community, the world. It is that thing that you do naturally that others lack or have a harder time grasping. It is is your particular perspective on whatever. AND it has helped you succeed in whatever. Overall, it has  been a positive attribute in your life. What is yours?

Your medicine is large in part the place you occupy in this world. You have a place in the world to occupy. This is more important than you may initially think.

You’re impact on those near and dear to you,  the world and in the universe is as great as you are. This is what I have learned from the Angels. According to them, everyone is great. However, not everyone believes, discovers, reveals or shares their greatness.

In the path that I speak of and to those I’m speaking to, your greatness is to be discovered, revealed and shared.

If you’re not sure of your greatness right now, you at least want to believe that you are great. While believing that you’re truly great may not come so easy, know that the reason you want to believe in your great is because deep down inside, you know that actually you are. So feel free to get your greatness on.

Your medicine is needed (that’s you.) The world needs the bright spark of your greatness. This is why you are here. You have a place in the world. Occupy your position. Stand up. Step into it. Use your medicine consciously.

Okay now, about your connection. This is like an internet connection. As we know, an  internet connection connects you from your computer to the world wide web of information. Like the internet connection, your spiritual connection connects you from your earthly world to the vast universe of infinity, therefore, we must take care that our connection is strong, steady, unfailing, and a clear conduit to your personal growth.

Your connection with the vast universe of infinity is vital because it aids you on your quest to carving your way and reaching your potential. It aids you through informing and guiding you to your next steps. The connection will help you create choices and make decisions (easy or tough). It will also riddle you both questions and answers.

The connection acts as a reminder to you that you are not just of flesh but also of atoms and energy – which happens to be the same stuff that makes up the universe. This is helpful because we can more easily set our imaginations free to dream when we think about how big the universe is, how we’re a part of it, and how it’s infinity makes us wonder about all the possibilities.

This spiritual connection teaches us that we are limitless beings with infinite potential; we are a perfect part of the universe, surrounded by it, living and dreaming with it; we are co-creators of the universe, creating the experience of our lives.

You have to have a strong reliable connection along your way, so you’ll need to feed it — e.g. read special passages or poems, meditate, walk in nature,  music etc., Without the connection, the potential of your being may be lost and your purpose buried in the rubble of daily B.S.

There it is. Two indispensable tools that you will need to have in your tool box on the way to discovering your path and reaching your potential.

I truly hope that you have enjoyed this post!  Best of luck and many blessings to all my fellow heroes making their way.



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