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I’ll bet that many of you have probably heard of house or home blessings. But, how many of you have had your home blessed? How many of think you know why someone would want a home blessing?

I think the general impression of house blessings is that they are mostly either done to cleanse and protect a home of “entities” and if not for that then because it’s a new home or space. These are reasons why to have a home blessing, yes, but there are other reasons, too, that don’t get as much play. I want to talk about different reasons to have a home blessing, and not just any home blessing, but an Angel home blessing.

First I should say that space/home blessings have been done for centuries and across various religious and spiritual beliefs. Making a ritual of blessing a space is nothing newthen again, c’mon, what is, right? What tends to be new is not so much the idea rather the way the ritual is conducted and the intent behind the ritual.

I’m sure there are many home blessings out there that would appeal to each person. Personally, I love things to be simple, yet powerful. If I were to be conducting my own blessing, I don’t think that I’d be too into going out and getting a lot of supplies for the blessing to take place. Of course, having to get a few staple things that I could reuse over and over is certainly okay. What kind of gal are you? Maybe gathering up supplies is what makes it sacred for you. Something to think about.

Moving on to reasons why to have an Home Angel Blessing, the main reason you would want to have such a space blessing is to have a PERSONALIZED-JUST -FOR -YOUR HOME – ANGEL. Doesn’t that just sound so cool? When I was in school to get my Angel Minister certification and my teacher, Kimberly Marooney, first told us about this blessing, I couldn’t wait to do it. I thought the idea of my already blessed home having a unique angel guide to reside within it was just the bomb! Other reasons to bless your home with an angel are:

  • to punctuate your gratitude for the home that you do have
  • to reinvent, refresh, reawaken, recreate the energy of your existing home
  • of course if you are moving into a new space (any kind of space that you will be spending lots of time in)
  • when a new baby comes to live in the home, when you bring home a new four-legged family member (dogs, cats or other cuddly friends)
  • when you move in with your partner or have a new roommate
  • when an old partner or old roommate moves out
  • when you have a specific change that your are intending upon, i.e. to have a baby, to create abundance and prosperity, to find your soul mate, to live your life’s true purpose … get the pix?
  • to place round the clock protection of your home
  • to reel in and anchor down the particular blessings that you desire for your home/space.

While a blessing of a space can be a very short practice, what’s special about the Home Angel Blessing is that it is long enough to be a very sacred, loving and celebratory event. The Home Angel Blessing brings together as many or as little VIPs (very important peeps) in your life — those friends and family who you love and who love you. Let there be love for your particular home angel will not feel shy to come around if a circle of love is waiting to receive him/her from where he/she is waiting to be called for your specific home. Every home has a unique Angel, but you may not have the pleasure of knowing your angel unless you welcome your angel on in through this beautiful ceremony. Also, your Home Angel wishes to make a connection with you, be invited by you, and called into the home to be anchored there. Your Home Angel is waiting to be called home.

One of the fun things about the Home Angel Blessing Ceremony is getting your Angel’s name. It’s pretty neat how people really know their Angel’s name. Our home angel’s name is Mikalonia. Actually, my dear honey is the one who received her name. So cool.

Once your home is blessed with an Angel the feeling of your home will never be the same. That’s because there is an extra layer of holy protection around you always. Home is peaceful and harmonious. Your home angel is there so that you can ask him or her to keep watch on your home while you are out, watch over and protect any beloved pets, or even lift any “fog” that is darkening your home.

The Home Angel Ceremony can be modified to what you would like so that it feels right for you and your home. As an Angel Minister I conduct the ceremony for you and work with you in advance to help you get it the special way you would like it to be.



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