Power Animals and You

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I am so excited to be writing about Power Animals. I am never certain about what to write about until I am certain. I had been undecided about whether I should write about Power Animals because I made up in my head that most people know about power animals already or if they don’t know about them they would just be uninterested in them. Despite my hemmin’, my inner guidance has been insistent on writing about Power Animals. So here is a quick and easy read and guide about how having an animal mascot, your power animal, can be helpful to anyone.

Animals are all around us. They live with us and it will always be that way. Some folks tend to be more animal lovers than others.  You don’t need to be a complete animal lover to have a power animal. Animals are ready to help us, no matter what. We have our typical local animal species, such as certain types of birds, rodents, insects, and so on. Then we have exotic animal species that are not found in our local environments, such as larger cat species, tropical birds, bears – animals that we may see at zoos. And then there’s the more fanstastical animals, such as dragons, unicorns, sphinx, phoenix, etc. No matter the proximity of the animal to you, it can still be your power animal.  How then do you know which one is your power animal?

Traditionally, shamans / medicine men have not chosen their power animal. Instead, the power animal has chosen them. Taking this into consideration, you may already know what your power animal is. For example, if you’ve been bitten by a shark and you have survived, then traditionally this would be your power animal. You were tested for strength and endurance and you survived the attack. You passed the test. You are able to handle the power of this guardian animal. Shark is  your mascot. Maybe it’s not a shark attack, but a dog attack, dog bite, or a fatal bee or spider sting. Have you had any serious wrestlings or confrontations with any animals (including insects)?

Another way that the shamans have come to know what power animal has chosen them is to allow the animal to emerge through a spontaneous dance or by seeing the animal in a vision or even asleep in a dream.

While the above is all good and can work for you, I also say you can feel safe in electing your own power animal. The bottom line is this: the animal still chooses you anyway! You may really want a Tiger to be your power animal, but if that is not truly your power animal, the Tiger will bring nothing to you.

We are often already attuned and innately drawn to that which we need.  So begin to become aware of the animals you are drawn to today, right now. If you close your eyes for just a moment, what animal do you see? You might not even have to close your eyes. Look around your home, your office space, your desk, what animal continually represents itself? Is it a bird? A dog? A mouse? A pig? Sometimes, a particular animal just keeps on showing up for you. As an example, during a two or three week period you become aware that you’ve seen a whole lot more deer than usual and maybe “deer” becomes a buzz word in your life for that short period. That deer is your power animal. Whether you realize it or not, deer is trying to form an alliance with you. So, listen and be open to the way it wants to help you or help someone else through you.

What if you don’t want Deer to be your power animal and you’d rather have a big strong protective bear.  Don’t fret, you can have both and more! Our animal friends/allies/guides/ helpers are many. And the relationships that we have with them — just like with our human relationships – go through changes. Deer may stick around for about a month and then be gone, even while Bear is always by your side every moment of every day of your life.

One of the reasons why your power animals change is because you change. Whether your change just happens naturally or you want to change or you need to change, there is always an animal helper waiting to help you. The power animal helps you by offering you its specific energy for you to use in what you need. Now maybe you need an amplification of certain energy that you already have or perhaps you need an energy that you completely lack, either way power animals offer us the use of their energy. We can literally put it on and wear it for as long as we need.

How do I get the animals’ energy?

Here are some really effective and actually cool ways of accessing the energy of your power animal.

1)      Find and buy/download music that puts you in the environment where your power animal lives so you can meet them.

If you believe your power animal to be a wolf, listen to music that stirs up a sensation within you of a pack of wolves roaming land, hunting for food, howling out, catching prey and so on. Allow yourself to get into it through your imagination. Native American music can help.

If your power animal is a dolphin, find music that takes you ocean deep, where you can picture in your mind that you are a dolphin swimming freely, joyfully, and playfully catching all kinds of waves, meeting with other dolphin friends, chit-chatting about where you’re going next. Music of waves and beaches can help.

2)      Act out your power animal with your body.

You may want to do this in private if you feel more comfortable, but it’s something that a whole family can do together. It’s fun and silly, and it works. You don’t need music to physically pretend you are your power animal. Once your body gets moving, it records the energy that you are enacting for you to recall again and again. Playing music to help you embody your power animal can help you to get into it. It doesn’t need to be the music you choose in exercise 1. You can use a happy pop song to act out your dolphin if it’s playful, joyful, happy, peaceful, and kindness that you need to be or feel. Or maybe there’s a country ballad about family and love that can get you to act like a bear. The point here is that by incorporating  body movement you are taking a step further in accessing your power animal’s energy. It’s quite like putting on a mask for a moment.

3)      Speaking of masks, another excellent way of infusing yourself with your power animal’s energy is through art work.

You may want to create an actual mask of your power animal so that when you need its help all you have to do is put this mask on for a while and allow the energy of the animal to help you. You may also draw or paint a picture of your power animal so that you can readily look at it each time that you need its qualities. Consider creating a small sculpture of your power animal so that you can carry it with you wherever you go in case you should need its alliance.

If you do all three of these exercises you will undoubtedly receive help from your animal allies in whatever form that you need. Depending on what your power animal is you can access help in areas such as: making a public speech, gaining courage to make a difficult phone call, trying to close a sales deal, passing an exam, getting through a painful and difficult period in your life, dealing with a stressful situation, trying to take it easy, learning how to be more playful, enjoying more laughter, getting organized, and so on.

Just for some ideas, here are some of the animals that can help with the above: Blackbird, Elephant, Badger, Dragon, Lion, Dolphin, Peacock, Duck, Elk.

Who is your personal mascot? What animal is your ally? Have fun with it.


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