Building A New Money House

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Preface: I’ve been working on the creation of a new project. I’ve never created something of this proportion before. So, I am admitting that this is a very experimental process. But, I experiment so that I know exactly what works and what doesn’t. This is good for me because I can then bring this valuable, truthful information to you.

Story: God has been playful with me this morning. I had a number of things in order for my day. I had planned on things going the way I wrote them down. However, I received a surprising piece of news early this morning that changed the course of “my” day.

Apparently, the security of my banking information was compromised. Essentially, my money was stolen from me. Bank investigators caught fraudulent activities on my accounts. My reaction? “Hmmm, very interesting.”

Of course, we filed a fraud claim so that the situation could be corrected. Whatever money that was stolen from me should be returned, hopefully sooner than later.

Here’s the interesting part, though. I had to let go of the banking accounts that I’ve had for the last 15 years of my life. I’ve done a lot of growing up and changing with these particular accounts. I’ve memorized the names and numbers on the accounts. They have represented a secure “home” that has protected and managed the money in my life for most of my life. This morning I find out that this “home” was ransacked. I was not expecting to abandon these accounts. I found that I actually had surprisingly strong attachments to these accounts. I had feelings for these numbers. It was not easy to hear that it was in my best interest to let the accounts die, to retire the numbers, to close the “home” down. But in this day and age, we had to do what we had to do. And so, just like that, we created new accounts. We began to build a new home for the money in my life.

Yes this has been an inconvenience to me, but luckily, we have addressed the situation in good timing. I thank my Angels for bringing this to my attention right away. But truthfully, this is a blessing in disguise. You see, as I was finding it hard to let go of the old, feeling myself want to hold on, looking for ways that it would be possible to keep everything as it was, I heard the voice within me say that this was an opportunity to recharge, reboost, and breathe new life into the house of my monies. Incredible! Wonderful! Ah-ha! I realized that God is trying to bless me. God is trying to do me a favor. Apparently, I needed a fresh new start in the house of my monies. Then, I readily let go of the old and have embraced the breath of new life that I have been given. I have a chance to learn from this situation. It is time to let go of attachments, especially to money.

In quick hindsight, this is a natural occurrence. When we are attached to things in such a way that we may or may not realize, we definitely don’t want to let go. However, God above all, knows when it is time for us to let go. God above all, knows our heart’s desires. God listens and begins to make ways for our creative genius to enter into our lives. It is imperative that we know when that is happening so that we can co-create with God and allow. Allow for fruit to grow on the tree we are tending.

Funny things happen when we work with our creative power. Tricks start to mess with our minds. The effects of our tinkering with this powerful magic within can be confusing. Yet, if we are ready to be creative spirits in the flesh, then we must be ready to let go of our attachments and be wise enough to discern when it is exactly the time to do so.

I believe that the process of letting go of attachments and knowing when we are being shown a way out of the illusion is something no one else can tell us. This is something that we know within. With practice (a very worthy concept) we can continually honor this evolving part of ourselves, as we get to be, do and have what our heart desires.



  1. Joel says:

    Hi Regina, nice blog! I subscribed it to My Yahoo. I had 3 identity thefts, and the lesson for me was patience. It’s a nightmare of paperwork, and the last one I had to go to the police station and file a report, then I had to find another file drawer for all the paperwork. It’s forcing me to accept that a lot of what we go through in life is bureacracy! Hope you visit my blog, Thanks for your work.

    • gomez says:

      Hi Joel, thanks for your comments! Yes, I feel like because there is so much in life is bureaucracy, I try to live my life with having to deal with as little of it as possible. My solution? Attempting to live a simple life. 🙂 I have subscribed to your blog, too. What a niche! Very clever and helpful. Thanks to you.

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