“At the center of your being you have the answer; you know who you are and you know what you want” – Lao Tzu


You may be wondering if I’m the right practitioner for you and if you can trust me to help you along your  journey of healing and transformation. I totally get that. I’ve put together 6 important things about me that could help you to know.


  • I’ve had a deep calling to heal others since I was a child. However, deciphering this calling hasn’t been the simplest path to take or the easiest thing in the world to do, but I’ve been true to myself and have stuck with it.
  • I began my education in the healing arts in massage therapy and received my certification in 2003. It’s taken me over the last 9 years to really know and accept my specialty – I’m an energy healer focused on helping women empower themselves and live life on purpose. I heal on the level of energy. At the level of energy, we work beyond the physical level of body and move into the realms of mind and spirit. Energy work, such as Reiki goes beyond  relieving bodily aches or pains, but it does help with that, too. If you have more questions about Reiki just let me know. You’ll need my contact info.
  • I’ve experienced my own personal journey of healing where I’ve had to go through a lot of personal transformation. I’ve struggled with issues of depression, anger, control, being obsessive, low self-esteem, relationships, a family history of addiction, and feeling different. There’s always something to heal in our lives, but there are periods where the universe takes us to our limits. Things get very uncomfortable. I’ve been asked to stretch, grow, push and persevere often under less than ideal circumstances. So far, I’ve met those spiritual challenges and have enriched my spirit so that now I’m in a healthy, balanced, grounded, clear, open and free place — and more importantly, in a position to serve others.  I’ve been able to create this through the transformations I’ve made with the help of other healers and mentors. You can too!
  • I primarily work with women. I have focused my healing art on women because as a woman myself, I feel confident that I can help in the issues that woman face when it comes to creating a life we really want.
  • I’m a “sensitive” and an “empath”. I have extra sensory hearing that often allows me to hear messages, warnings, advice and overall general guidance from Spirit Guides and/or Angels. As for the empathic part, this means that I tend to pick up on the energy of others and can tell what they are feeling at a core level. These two gifts help to give focus, direction, and intent when I’m working to heal someone’s energy fields. The more clarity, the better results!
  • I feel that one should have at least 3 successive  treatments of any healing modality when working on specific issues that you know you need help sorting out. With Reiki, for example, the first 3 Reiki treatments are like getting a tune up. You’re getting yourself tuned up to get tuned in to the channel/station you really want to be on. This makes for better results for you!

Other stuff you might want to know:  

I have a B.A. in Social Sciences. I received certification in massage therapy 2003 and just recently completed a Master Level in Reiki (2012) after 6 years of my first Reiki training. I completed training as a Spiritual Director, the art of deep listening, in 2009. In 2010 I became an Ordained Reverend Minister through the Angel Ministry, a unique interfaith program created by author and teacher Rev.Kimberly Marooney, Ph.D. of Gateway University, a school for higher consciousness. I practice martial art of Aikido for 5 years now. Aikido is the practice of the way of harmony and Spirit. Currently I’ve begun to incorporate creativity and simple beauty into my healing art. In addition to Ki Healing, I have a small online gift shop where I hope to bring healing to others through  joy & inspiration. When I’m not working, I really love to spend time with my awesome family — my husband, our two adorable doggies, and my best friend, my Mother.