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Angels of God are messengers for God.

Angels work very closely with us humans but God’s angels are not human.

Angels can be described as spiritual beings. They are like holy ghosts or beings of light. Angel experiences are individual unique events.

Angels can and do incarnate into human form from time to time. At other times they employ fellow humans to act as angels on their behalf. Those of us that work with angels are often referred to as Earth Angels.

Generally, Earth Angels are on earth to serve – serve the earth, serve humanity, serve God’s will.

Who do you know in your life who has been your lifesaver, comforter and bringer of peaceful feelings? Who is always ready and willing to help the cause whatever it be? These fellow friends of yours may very well be Earth Angels.

Do you recall a time when someone you didn’t even know came to help you in your time of need, just at the right time? Did you ever wonder if he or she was possibly an Angel incarnated? You may have been right on.

Angels are non-denominational. They are universal. They don’t just belong to certain religions or only to biblical or Christian beliefs. While Angels do have roots stemming from Christianity to Hinduism, one of the most important points I must make is that Angels exist for every human being and always have — agnostics, atheists, and believers alike.

As servants of God, they serve to bridge the realm of humanity with that of the Divine. How we experience this connection or bridge may be different for each one of us but God’s angels have only to do with the divine.

How can we reach the Angels?

Angels are easy to reach. Literally, all we need to do is ask them. What do you need? Just ask them. Call on them. They are always right by your side ready to assist you.

Your Guardian Angels never leave your side. You can consider them like your personal assistants. They are with you everywhere you are.

You might wonder if they’ve heard you. Trust that they have. Be open and ready to see how your angels are working for you.

Angels are not complicated. They answer our calls in very simple ways. Sometimes it’s so simple that we miss their communication.

If you ask them for help to find something, trust they heard you, relax and wait. You’ll find it. Just see.

If you don’t find it, it’s not because they didn’t hear you. The reason may be that what you’re looking for is lost. If you are sad about it you can let them know and they will show you to something better, a surprising blessing.

When the angels answer your call for help and you receive their help be sure to acknowledge it. This will improve your relationship with them.

What can Angels do for us?

Angels are both magical and practical helpers. There are many things they can do for us. They can help us with ordinary everyday life things and they can help us in extraordinary matters, too.

They can help us to find our life’s purpose or they can help us be better at stress management. They can help us with money matters, cutting addictions, increasing our energy, sleep issues, our jobs, help heal our pets and pretty much anything else you can think of.

All you need do is ask them for help. They are waiting for you to call on them because that is their job. Angels are here to help us. They are one of God’s gift to us humans.

You can make up a simple prayer around the matter you need help with.  Write it down and read it as many times a day as you’d like. You can also just start talking to them.

I hope you start to get to know your angels. Your life will change.


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