Akashic Records Meditation

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Last night I participated in group meditation other than the one that I guide. This one was a whole new group of women. The meditation teacher apparently sees dead people — she is a “psychic”, a meditation teacher, and a minister. I put quotation marks around psychic because that is what she specifically called herself. Truthfully, I don’t know what her extra sensory ability is as I have not experienced her psychic work. It is her dynamics that drew me to her. She seems like a woman who wears many hats and I can relate to that.

I have been wanting to meet her and it’s taken me a whole year to do so. I came across her name last October. Here we are in another October and it took my best friend’s nudging to actually finally make a live connection. Kay, my BFF,  just happened to come across this woman’s meditation class flyer and just happened to mention it to me and just happened to offer to come along. These are not the kinds of things that I can always rely on Kay to do, other things, yes, but not so much these things. Because of the atypical-ness of this, I thought there was something for me to experience.

Yesterday afternoon rolled around and I didn’t really have the meditation class at the forefront of my mind. It was there somewhere but I wasn’t paying much attention to it. Anyway, I figured that BFF Kay would have most likely gotten over it or at least have been decidedly indifferent about it which would then lead me to shrug it off all together. But in a most uncommon act, she called me early and asked if we were going. I even tried to make an excuse — “I don’t know yet, I have to see if I can drum up the $10 to go.” It wasn’t totally an excuse, there was some truth to it. I don’t typically carry cash. But then I found some cash. All signs were signaling green lights. It was a go. A-go we went.

We had no idea what type of meditation we were going to having. We were open.

Last night turned out to be a trip to our Akashic records! How about that? I was delighted. I have to be honest. I’ve tried going to where these records are before and have been left with sort of an unsuccessful feeling. I know we’re not supposed to be judgmental of our meditation experiences, but just being honest. I figured, ‘well, I’m up for it, but I dunnooo …. ‘

I must have been in for a treat because when the meditation started to come to a close, I didn’t want to come back. I wanted to stay in the air up there and not come back down to planet earth. I wanted to stay with my record keeper – a man I found to be dressed in a white robe, bald with a tiny toothbrush mustache and a goatee whose name I recollected was Edmond Kingston.

Anyway, cut to the chase, he showed me Book IV (I really don’t know what kind of order these are in), took me to page 333 – 336. There I was, a young nun-girl during the Crusades. My parents had forced me into this convent because that is the only place that they believed I could be safe. Hiding me was their way of keeping me safe. I had no choice, like many others. I seem to have found meaning in hiding other young girls for their safety in the convent. It was sad for my present self to peer into those days. It was a good thing that the meditation teacher guided us to take away something useful from this that we could apply in our lives today, right now. And you know what I got? Here’s what I got.


Now there was a golden nugget I wasn’t expecting. It’s a poignant and powerful statement that was gently delivered to me and at the same time came to me directly and clearly. I do believe that it is time I stop hiding.


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