An Exercise in Gratitude – Day 11

September 28th, 2011 by KiHealing1 Leave a reply »

Hmmmm, this day was a bit tough. I was hurt by someone I love. I was upset and became very angry. It was difficult to experience this. When someone you love and who you think loves you behaves in a way that is out of step to the tune of ‘I love you’, it can be incomprehensible. I wondered, what did I do? What is so wrong with me? Am I really that unlikeable? Why is this person acting so unreasonable? Why is this person shutting me out?

In the midst of feeling hurt though, I was still feeling hopeful. While my heart was breaking, I was still hoping and praying for some kind of breakthrough. I was asking my angels to please help this situation. I didn’t know what was possible, I just hoped that whatever would be possible.

And just when it seemed that there would be no resolution in sight, there began to shine light upon the matter. As soon as the light started to creep back in, I felt relief and rescue. It is for that sense of rescue from my Angels above in those brief moments, that I am deeply grateful. I am also very grateful for what needed to be expressed and therefore healed.

It can be hard to feel grateful for an experience that hurts, for a wound that is healing, especially when you are part of the healing dynamic. But the bigger picture is that there are frequently thoughts, ideas, beliefs, energy forms, that need to rise up, rise out, be expressed, cleared up, and healed. We continuously help others through their healing process, just as others help us through ours.

I had to remember all of that so that I could muster gratitude for the situation and beyond gratitude — forgiveness.


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