An Exercise in Gratitude – Day 7

September 24th, 2011 by KiHealing1 Leave a reply »

Day 7 is an easy one to be grateful about. I didn’t make my girl’s (my year old rat terrier chihuahua) wellness check up.  Just as I was arriving to her vet’s, the receptionist suggested that I reschedule. Now that kind of thing could have irritated me, but I didn’t let it. See, in this practice of gratitude, I’m also trying to find the blessings in unplanned events and circumstances. This was a perfect opportunity to practice.

Instead of the vet’s, we detoured to the beach. What a wonderful thing it was that we didn’t make it to the vet’s. The beach was a marvelous wonder! The weather was perfect, and I really mean perfect. So were the waves. Lots of people were out early — babies with their moms, other dogs and their human companions, surfers, happy couples … it felt so good!

I walked the beach and my girl ran around in circles, visited with people on the beach, and found some playmates. She was full of joy and so was I. It turned out to be a great morning.

I was grateful for the perfect conditions which created a moment of total bliss for me and my four-legged one.


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