Angel Praises

March 23rd, 2010 by KiHealing1 Leave a reply »

I love angels because they are messengers of God. Their ultimate message is to help reunite us with Divinity, often times through connecting us with our own innate Divinity that we have within us.

Angels bring to us the messages from God in very concrete ways. They help to make what seems to be so ethereal conveniently or inconveniently palpable. I love that about them.

Angels are very near to us. They are created to be by our side and walk with us. They are ready to be our best friends in spirit form. They hear us, watch over us, guide us, protect us, pray with and for us.

For me what makes angels so special is that they fully intended to walk with us on this earth. They are in fact closely tied to our planet earth but more so to us human beings. They know the beauty of our creation, since they dwell in the realms of the Divine.

There is a special quote that I think of often when I feel joyful or am excited. The Seraphim, in the book of Isaiah, standing above “His” throne cried out continually amongst each other:

“Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of his glory.” (Isaiah 6:3)

I can just imagine that they must’ve been pretty overjoyed to be as near to “Him” as they possibly could. They couldn’t be too close, for they would burn up, so they had 6 wings to help them remain close but not be swallowed by the glorious flames. Two wings covered their faces, two protected their feet, and two were to fly with. That just seems absolutely thrilling. So, when I am thrilled, I say to myself, ‘Holy!Holy!Holy! is the lord of hosts! the whole earth is full of glory!’ LOL (laughing out loud)

I also like that there is an Angel for many sentiments and purposes. There is an angel of love, an angel of truth, angel of thought, angel of peace, angel of joy, and so on. I can’t believe that I ever wandered around without them.

Although I used to wander about without themĀ  they were always with me.


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