Angels and The Number Sequences

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You may already know that one of the ways that angels and our spirit guides communicate with us is through number sequences.There are a variety of number sequences, some common and others unique to the receiver.

You might be wondering, “how can I tell if my spirit guides or angels are communicating with me through number sequences?”

First, ask yourself if you are seeing a number or numbers repeatedly. Are you seeing 10’s or 5’s or 3’s everywhere? If the answer is yes, then, you are receiving a signal from your angels or spirit guardians.

If you are not sure as to whether you are seeing frequent number patterns but would like to be sure, then you’ll need to practice being open to receive. A good way to practice being open to receive is to keep awake, stay conscious, be observant of the world around you, and remember that you are a spiritual being first. Doing this really does shift your state of mind and being that of being in the world but not of it. This in turn, helps you to tap into the invisible world that is always there for you when you want, need, and/or are ready to see it. Once you are tapped in, you’ll be able to pick up more easily a message from Spirit JUST FOR YOU.

Now that you’re receiving the signal from your angels or spirit guardians, it’s time to determine what the signal is and what the message is conveying.

You can tell that a sign is for you because it stands out to you. When you see, 10:10 for example, 10:10 catches your attention and hooks you for that split millisecond or at least long enough for something to get downloaded; long enough to cause you to take a mental double take. A part of you doesn’t really pick it up or see anything (your conscious mind) but another part of you does (your sub-conscious). You can trust that micro process that’s actually always happening, even when you aren’t totally aware of it.

Have you experienced a mental double take when you see recurring numbers? That sign is a ‘yes’ and that sign is for you.

So what you really want to know is …”What do the numbers mean?”  In my experience, the number meanings really depend on the person authoring the meanings. The most important thing I can let you know about what the numbers mean is that ultimately, you hold those answers.

When you start seeing repeated number patterns, take some time out to: write down what you see on a little carry notepad, even if doesn’t make sense, write down the first thing that comes to your mind, contemplate the meaning before you go to sleep, ask your angels or spirit guides out loud what they want to tell you and expect your answer to come to you some time during the day, ask for the meaning in your sleep, or close your eyes and clear your mind, take slow deep breaths and see what comes to you.

As you practice these different ways to receive the meaning of the number sequences that you repeatedly see, you will start to know their meaning in your life.

But just for now, this list may prove helpful. 🙂 This is an excerpt from Angel Intuitive Eileen Smith’s article featured on About Holistic Healing by Phylameana lila Desy.


“When I see these numbers, or when my clients do, I tell them to take a moment, breathe in deeply and say “I am ready to receive.” Here are some of the more common numbers seen and what many intuitives and healers feel they mean are:”

  • 10:10 is the Alpha-Omega number. The number of beginnings and endings, it is full of promise, and of opening to the “Compassionate Heart.”
  • 11:11 means “the Gateway”, it’s the doorway to your evolving self, your place within the current ascension of the planet.
  • 12:12 is the number when the Higher Realms wants to download into your consciousness new ways of being a human being and experiencing life on Earth. It is like the switch, turned on for you to step into your Divine Path to be of service for humanity and every living thing on the planet.
  • 333 is the Christ Consciousness number, and not anything to fear. It is a sign that you are being blessed and the high holy beings are directly overseeing your life or something in your life at this time.
  • 111 is a manifestation number. It means you are in a moment where you can create for your life. Be sure your thoughts are very positive.
  • 444 is an angelic realm number for prosperity and abundance.
  • 555 is the number of creating positive change and forward movement.
  • 777 is a very high spiritual number that signifies teaching or learning a more spiritually conscious way of thinking and being.
  • 2:22 (or similar “2222”)
    This is the number of standing apart, forging ahead, personal luck, empowerment and charisma. When you see this number the Universe is saying “You can shine your Light in your unique way.” It is also a reminder to keep your personal power even though others may be uncomfortable or resentful of how much you shine or are capable of shining. This number tells you to make your mark on the world in your career or your personal life.
  • 6:66
    Despite the negative hype of this number it actually has an important message. When seen often it is a reminder to regain your balance. You may be having reoccurring negative thought patterns that are disrupting your sleep. This number asks you to seek the help you need to quiet your mind and be good to your body. It is also a reminder to keep an eye on your integrity and do the right thing even when no one is watching. Watch how you speak to others and about others, and be generous in your heart and mind. Remain open to those who love you and those you have challenges with. Guard against jealousy or resentment when someone is doing well in areas that are important to you. Be sure to make compassionate choices and remain true to your wise, loving soul by doing good works in the world and being kind and gentle with others and also with yourself.
  • 888 (or similar 8888)
    The angels tell me this number is not seen as often. This is because it is what the angels call a true “download” or “code” number. When seen often it is the Higher Realms seeking to flip a switch in your human DNA that allows you to bridge the blocks to inter-dimensional communication, the aging process and deeper esoteric knowledge. This number has a very shamanic energy. In short this number begins or deepens understanding the mystery of the Universe.
  • 999 (or similar 9999)
    This really is a “Master Number”. When you see this number often there is a profound lesson or situation occurring that is bringing very important lessons for your soul’s accelerated growth. It can also be a sign from the heavens that you have completed a period of growth, of “Mastering” so to speak. It is common during this time to end jobs, relationships and friendships that no longer serve your higher expression. However, the closing of one door always opens a new one and new experiences will flow in that resonate with who you are now or who you are becoming.

(666 and More Number Sequences by Phylameana lila Desy, Guide June 2011)







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