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Blackbird is playing right now – one of my absolute favorite songs in the whole world. As it plays, I have just finished reading this very personal and special story shared by a woman whose recently lost her animal companion. This moment for me has become sacred and magical. I have learned that it doesn’t take much to have these God moments. Here’s the story that brought some magic into my life. I let it reach my soul as I read it. I hope you let it reach yours.

My dog, Rocky, died June 4th, he would’ve turned 15 on Christmas Eve. We had Rocky since he was a puppy. His mother who was 16 died March 3rd. I brought my remaining dog 🙁 to the park 2 days ago and there were dragonflies everywhere. I’ve been going to that park for 16 years and never saw dragonflies. Anyway, I asked my dog Rocky to send me a sign, I said send me a butterfly to show you’re okay. I was waiting for one to fly on my head but it didn’t. Anyway, yesterday I met my friend and her dog at the same park. My friend is a cancer survivor and in tune with her spirituality, etc. We were sitting in the park and all of a sudden we were swarmed by dragonflies. I was swatting at them, one was HUGE and practically in my hair. My friend said “don’t swat them, they’re very spiritual.” It was weird. Then we saw a hawk overhead, then another and then there were four of them. (4 of my dogs have passed now, they all spent time at that park). The whole thing was strange, I came home and was AMAZED at all the Web sites referring to dragonfly magic, messengers, angels, birds, hawks, etc. Please, can you tell me what you think of this?

To see Madeleine’s reply to this click here. Madeleine Walker is an animal communicator.

To read what I think, keep a readin’.

Yes, of course Rocky is okay. He is much more than okay. He is in heaven. While he is in heaven he keeps around you, too. He wanted to make so certain that you knew it was him he had to make you wonder, he had to make you think, he had to make you believe … so, instead of butterflies, he gave you a very clear sign of spirit and the magical world that lies behind the veil, Rocky gave you DragonFlies. Then you experienced other animal companion spirits in the form of Hawks. Hawk, one of my favorite messengers, so loyal to the Spirit world. What I can say is that you must have shared a very special union with your animal companion, Rocky. He loved you very much.

Animal companions, and especially dogs, for me, are like angelic beings. They are like angel beings with fur and four legs. (Hmmm, what can I call that? dogiangel?) It may sound corny, but I am a believer in that D-O-G spelled backwards is G-O-D. I don’t think that is a coincidence –not when dogs love us unconditionally, bring us so much joy, and offer us so much to learn. The love one may share with their dog is transcendent!

What do you think?


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  1. Carmy says:

    I just wanted to comment that I’m in agreement that it is no coincidence that DOG spelled backwards is GOD , what they offer unconditionally is absolutely unique. DOGS are who they are,& there is no outdoor influence, no canine companionship that can change this living creatures immeasurable love devotion&loyalty to their human master. AND YES the love one shares with their dog is transcendent!!!

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