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Cat or Dog?Do Cats Reincarnate into Dogs?

I read a great article on Holistic Healing. It talks about the question of reincarnation of our animal companions. “Do Cats Reincarnate into Dogs?”

Below is my comment on whether a cat can reincarnate into a dog.

This was a great question for Madeleine.

I couldn’t agree more with her when she wrote that Autumn, the cat, can definitely come back as a dog, if it suits him, his spiritual lessons and purpose. I think that we don’t always know right when our beloved animal companion passes on, but so long as we are open to the idea that Autumn’s returning and open to the form that he may take up on his return, we would surely find Autumn’s spirit / essence again. Since Carrie is thinking of a dog for her family, don’t think for a second that Autumn is not aware of this. Oh he is certainly aware of it … and may be waiting for Spirit to help him coordinate things. I channel spirit guides for humans and also communicate with animal energy, particularly with dog energy. For Carrie, May you and your family find the animal companion that you so need in your life in divine timing. Blessings.


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