Arriving at Infinity

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Recently I said to myself, “My God, it seems this journey is going to be so much longer and more far out than I ever projected. I will never arrive.”

This is when I started to scratch my head.

My higher conscious reasoned,  “instead see it as that you are always arriving.”

I am always arriving.

Well that sounds alright, but there is a part of me that doesn’t want all  these moments of arriving, arriving, arriving, always arriving. I just want to arrive already.

God, are we there yet?

I want to know everything I need to know already. I want to have learned everything that I need to learn.

Well as it goes, I am here now. Ram Dass says to just “be here now,” so here I am being.

I am where I need to be now, doing what I need to be doing now and yet there is so much more potential to  fully activate, fully reach, fully capture.

It’s that thinking that gets me into trouble. It’s that thinking that makes me feel that I will never arrive. It’s that thinking that makes me human.

The universe works like this: There is infinite potential, always. There is always more to tap into. Life is a basket of bottomless fries. It’s not ever going to end. Infinite potential will never be totally captured, activated or fully reached.

Infinite potential is God’s signature. It is as if God says, “Okay, you’ve been created with infinite potential. So who’s up for reaching it?”

God likes to joke. Some of  us gullible types actually answer, “Meeeeee!!!!!”

God laughs at his joke, like Coyote, always playing goofy tricks on us. God knows the meaning of infinite. We don’t. So, I am always arriving.

I am always working on my masterpiece. I will never be done.

Good one, God.

But all jokes aside, this “arriving” is my labor of love to God.

I devote the continual creation, the process of unfoldment, the ongoing development of my life to God.

****** ******* ***** ****** ***** ****** ***** ****

Idea: As humans, we try to arrive at the end of things. We like the feeling of achievement. We like to reach end points. If we don’t feel like we are coming to some kind of closure, we can feel discontent, unsatisfied, frustrated and even angry at our life. As humans, we don’t know what infinite is.

God knows what infinite potential is and appreciates, accepts and loves us for the humans that we are.






  1. Juan Manuel says:

    Hi Regina, I love what you wrote. I, too, have wondered about this. Thank you for sharing. May I share this?

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