Bazaar of Thoughts and a Rare Form of Cancer

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As per my last post, I’ve been undergoing life changes. All good, but not without challenges. I’ve been asking a lot from Grace. I’ve been very active, more so than usual, doing things that are important —–(Questionable). What I mean is that lately, I haven’t been able to do as much of what makes my heart sing. Instead, I’ve been busy with the dizzying bizzying of life. I’ll survive, so long as I don’t go too overboard. And let me be honest here, I can definitely go overboard.

I attempt at striking balance every single day. Though lately it’s been very challenging for me to maintain balance, it’s still a core intention of my life. Each day that I rise it’s another chance for me to find equilibrium in a world that often feels upside down. Lord knows it can be overwhelming.

When the overwhelm takes over, it helps very much to be open to anything that may lend some perspective. Case in point:

The other day I was watching a program on cable’s Discovery Health called Mystery Diagnosis. In the episode I saw, a lady who was very active, very energetic, and an overall do-er type was featured. With the onset of her mystery illness she would feel very low in energy to the point that she needed help even walking. To add more to the mystery, this would happen seemingly out of the blue with no regularity. The first physical sign of illness she had was a bruise on her leg that came out of nowhere and didn’t ever fully go away. All the usual tests didn’t reveal anything was wrong. Yet, knowing that something was not right, she kept pursuing medical advice despite hitting so many walls. Finally, one doctor figured it out. It turned out that she had a very rare auto-immune disease. The doctor administered medication that the lady responded well to. For the last 4 years she has been in remission. If it weren’t for her thinking out of the box and the one doctor that diagnosed her thinking out of the box ….

So what’s my point? Well, it’s tri-fold, really. First of all, I saw myself in this lady. I’m a do-er type and I’ve got a bruise on my leg that hasn’t completely gone away for some time. Second of all, her story caused me to pause and think about how fragile life is. How one day I am dizzy with the bizzy-ness of life and all it’s so called important things and then next day I could be struggling to walk. From one day to the next, I could be trying to figure out what’s wrong with me. That could be me. That could be a part of my life. In fact, two very near and influential people in my life have already had such events happen to them. Indirectly, I’ve gone through this with them. Quickly, this puts me in perspective.

Perspective is: Slow Down. You’re Moving Too Fast. (My angels decided to download a little Simon and Garfunkel to help me out).

Life, no matter what happens, is ultimately for feelin’ groovy. Which brings me to the tri-fold, and that is that, there are always Angels among us. Divinity is always trying to help us. Sometimes in not very obvious ways, yet there is always a reason for our Divine Plan and when we don’t know the reason, there is always hope. Hope travels all the way down to the wire. Our job is to prepare ourselves to receive. Our job is to ready ourselves to receive help, answers, or information. We must stay strong enough to help ourselves through things like maintaining a positive mind set, mustering courage, doing research, following intuition, and suiting up in spiritual warrior gear. With God all things are possible and great things can be accomplished one day at a time.

Before I go:

Earlier I talked briefly about a rare autoimmune disease. Before I go, I want to raise some awareness around a rare form of cancer. It is called Mesothelioma. Please take some time to acquaint yourself with this information. It may be helpful to you or someone you know. This particular blog post is about Alternative Therapies (Reiki & Massage & Acupuncture) and Cancer. Take a look at the wonderful infographic.
Mesothelioma Cancer Alliance


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