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Simple Ideas Work

I have a motto – it’s ‘Feel Good, Be Well’. It’s pretty simple, and it works. My motto assumes that if you can get to a good feeling, it’s enough so that you can be well.  There are many pathways to feeling good.  A lot of those pathways can be very simple. I’ll share one of those pathways to ‘Feel Good, Be Well’ with you now. It’s another simple motto.

It’s: ‘Be-Do-Have’. That’s it. Being, Doing, Having is a pathway to Feel Good and then you’re on your way to Be Well. The basic idea is to Be who you truly are, to Do what you truly love, and to Have what you truly desire. It’s a simple idea and a great one, too. That part’s coming later.

In being-doing-having we are not asked to experience that spectrum all at once, at least not right away. It’s meant to be practiced day to day, moment to moment, hour to hour. Practicing (another simple idea) anything long enough becomes a work of art, almost without even trying. It becomes art when we get into a flow.

It’s easy to come from a place where we may expect immediate perfect results 100% of the time. If we have those expectations from the get-go, then simply being-doing-having will have no shot of proving its greatness. However, if we approach it with a mentality of simply practicing its principle, then it is a sure path not only to greatness but to being very well (on a soul level and on a physical level).

‘Be-Do-Have’ is a sure path to greatness. Remember that greatness does not have to look  great. Greatness has to feel great. The ‘Be-Do-Have’ motto has the potential to move us into greatness. By practicing being truthful to ourselves we are being who we truly are meant to be. Being YOU (not what others expect you to be or want you to be) takes practice. It may take qualities of courage, finesse, diplomacy, effort and so on. Being more in the flow of being YOU, opens a pathway to DOING you. Doing you is engaging in activities that are mostly life giving to us. Here, we are aware of activities that are draining and which give us life. These activities do not have to be extravagant. They can just be simple and good, say for example, playing tennis or reading a book. Now we are practicing being more ourselves more often and doing things that are more aligned to who we really are. This sets us up to have what we desire in our hearts.

When we are having what we truly desire, it is in perfect alignment with all that we “be”and all that we do. Sometimes we have what we think we desire, but it still doesn’t make us feel great. Or perhaps it does, but only temporarily. When we are in the flow of Having, we are in alignment with our heart desires that bring us overall lasting great feelings. It’s a Grand Slam! We are great and we are filled with greatness.

Simple ideas can really be effective in our lives … if we keep them simple. Keep great ideas basic, relevant, practical, and approach them like a dress rehearsal or a training. We are all destined for greatness; we always have been.

Ask yourself, where in yourself have you started or can you start Being, Doing, Having now?  If you feel moved to share, I’d love to hear.


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