Bethany Hamilton, Soul Surfer, Beacon of Light

April 23rd, 2011 by KiHealing1 Leave a reply »

I just saw the movie Soul Surfer about the true story of a young 13 year old surfer girl from Hawaii who gets attacked by a shark. I didn’t even see the previews, just the poster for the movie at the movie theatre and the title alone made me want to see it. I don’t surf, but I love Hawaii, documentaries and movies about the ocean, wildlife, and surfer lifestyle. My mom told me that she had wanted to see it too, because she had read about this girl’s story in her Reader’s Digest.

Since I saw the movie, I have been feeling so inspired by Bethany Hamilton. She is a fine person on this planet. I am posting this video I liked from YouTube for you to check out. Bethany is a near perfect example of how God’s light lives within us and how when we know about that light we know we must share it with everyone. One of my favorite things that she said in the video was how she just really wanted to glorify God through her surfing. I can relate to that. While I don’t surf, what I do have in common with Bethany is that I want to my whole life, what I make of it, to be a gift back to my God for all that gifts God has given me.

I hope you enjoy this vid as much as I did and receive the beautiful energy of Light that she shares. 🙂



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