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Why Am I Sick?

August 22nd, 2013

Do you ever wonder why you get sick when you’re an otherwise healthy person? I do. I  wonder  it every time I get sick. You might be wondering what there is to wonder about, I’m just sick. Get over it.

I do get over it, but when I end up with a bad head cold, pick up a flu bug from who knows where or end up with some random infection that from one day to the next lays me out for 3-5 days, it makes me wonder. Makes me wonder why I’d get sick when I’m an otherwise healthy person.  I realize that we are all vulnerable, but as an energy healer, I try  to connect the dots that are hidden from plain sight.

I feel it’s my responsibility to my self to wonder why my body is out of balance. What factors could have made me susceptible or vulnerable to attack?  I’ve got to study myself as objectively as possible so that I can learn from “pit falls” and improve myself where I can. It’s not easy to be objective about oneself,  but a good practical starting place is simply wondering: “Why am I sick? Why isn’t my body working  for  me?”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually get a little bit sick. I usually go through a full cycle of sickness. This means I feel the onset of not feeling well, start to take care of it with natural remedies, take it easy, and then I start to really not feel well.  I can’t do anything until I’m at least 75-80% of my usual wellness. Since I can’t do much, I’ve got an abundance of time … to simply rest.

Rest? What’s that? I feel useless even though there  is a part of me that knows that I shouldn’t feel that way. Resting is so good for us and unfortunately very underrated. If you’re anything like me, you rest, give in to your body, and all the while your  mind is thinking what a shame it is that you’re resting but not even feeling well.

You think about all the stuff you could be doing.  “Damnit. I could be brushing my dog’s teeth right now.”

I notice in my thoughts and somewhere in my feelings that my “resting” is only tolerable because I’m sick.  There’s a resistance that I experience. I don’t want to give in to the needs of my body. I don’t want to let it slow me or get me down. … But it does… Then my mind goes. Following in the same order as my body, my mind seems to need rest, too. Too much thinking and my head might float off. I can’t focus. Not on a single thing. It can be too hard to even read.

Still, my mind manages to sneak in another thought and passes it off as a feeling.  What I’m feeling is: ‘This sucks.’

Wondering and observing myself  from a bird’s eye view provides insights. Objectively speaking, it would seem that I don’t generally allow myself (body and mind) to rest as much as I may need to, except for when I am sick. So maybe what’s going on here is that my mind grows weary, my body gets weak and I get sick because that’s the only time it’s acceptable to me to get rest. Getting sick seems to give me “permission” to  a) get the rest my body and mind need and b) help me to get rid of accumulated toxins.  “This [sick] sucks”. Who said that?

Getting sick is actually a real help.  Getting sick is very often a healing in the happening. Dare I say that getting sick  is a good thing? There’s a balance, a rhythm to everything. It’s natural. The body will seek to regulate homeostasis  (internal equilibrium) on its own.  The job of our selves is to let it happen. Let it be. Dive into rest. Give sick some space.

From getting sick, I realize that I’ve been pushing myself too hard. Getting sick has told me that I’m out of harmony. It reminds me to be respectful (and even gentle) with myself. It tells me that I’ve fallen out of body mind connection. I haven’t been “listening”.  So now it’s time to hit a reset button.

After being sick for a week, I feel renewed. I’m ready again to greet my days with full attention. I’m inspired again. I can go on; I’m running clear energy again.

How do you feel when you’re sick? How about after you’re sick? Do you ever wonder why you caught a tough cold or a dogged virus? Besides feeling like crap, what else do you have room to think and feel during this forced time of inactivity? Do you wonder how you might prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place?

If you haven’t ever wondered like this about being sick just try it. You’ll gain some valuable insight into yourself. Knowing how you work, what works best for you and what your optimal functioning settings are can be so very valuable because that stuff helps you to succeed in whatever your personal goals and big dreams are. From gathering basic insight (kinda like data), you can make personal adjustments that will better tune you to what you want in your life. So take a stab at it once and then do it again if you gain awareness you didn’t have before.

Go ‘head. Unlock your heart’s aspirations through self transformations one situation at a time!

7 Archangel Activations

July 22nd, 2013

My dear teacher, Kimberly Marooney is an internationally recognized angel expert. She just told me about a very special request that she received from no one else but the Archangels!

The Archangels asked Kimberly to put together a series of 7 Archangel Activations, one each week.  I signed up right away because I love who the Archangels are.

Go see which Archangels

>> Go look 

Kimberly told me about the message she received from The Archangels.  Here’s a taste, We have come to activate secret energy centers in your body connecting you more deeply with us.”

I always want more connection, especially with my celestial guides, do you?

These Activations are real and powerful.  They expand the flow of celestial energy in your physical body, expand your connection with higher realms, and expand your awareness of eternal truth.  Are you being called to this? Say YES!

Over the seven weeks on Thursdays beginning August 1, 2013 you will receive:

• Archangel Michael’s Divine Heritage, Safety and Trust Activation

• Archangel Metatron’s Ascension Chakra Activation

• Archangel Jophiel’s The Quickening Activation

• Archangel Gabriel’s Soul Star Activation

• Archangel Raphael’s Healers Heart and Hands Activation

• Archangel Uriel’s Benediction of Voice, Hands and Feet Activation

• And Archangel Chamuel’s Worthiness and Adoration Activation

*** *** *** ***

The calls will be recorded for you to download if you can’t make them live.

You can register for the whole series or choose individual ones. But….the best deal is to get the whole series.

As one of my very special and tremendous teachers, Kimberly is dear to me. She and  I have worked together before.  Her gifts are very high level so if you are ready for an experience that will invite some powerful energy shifts, I have no doubt that you’ll receive many blessings from this program.

>>Join us here 

And if you have any questions about the program, you’ll see a link to contact Kimberly directly right on the page. Please let her know I sent you.

See you in this sacred space!

Love and blessings,

Regina Gomez Aldea

12/21/12 People Come First

December 14th, 2012

Speaking of the end of the world — 12/21/12 — I’ve finally gathered my thoughts around this big day. I hope it’s appreciated that I’ve summed it all up into one small phrase: “People Come First.”

Most of us are probably in the know by now that the world is not going to end on 12/21/12, however, our world is going to shift.  We are going to experience a re-birth, for  12/21/12 is ushering in a new age.

Some of us are ready,  some of us are prepping, and some of us still have a long way to go. It’s all good though wherever we find ourselves. One of the main things about the shift is that the new age is going to belong to the Sacred Feminine — Mother Earth, Gaia, Mary, Goddess, Mother, Shakti and so on. We’re about to be create “her-story” and close out a long time of “his-tory”. Unity and Oneness are also a big part of the shift. Our collective consciousness will expand without having to try so hard.  If we want to expand we will; the divine energy is going to be that much more readily available to us, more so because we can tap into it due to our expanded awareness of it.

Now what does this have to do with my small phrase “People Come First” ?

If you’re not sure what 12/21/12 should mean to you, try looking at it from this perspective — 12/21/12 is about people, people like you and me. Everyday people that are smart, sensitive, special,  independent, positive beautiful souls that seek purpose and meaning and who have dreams to fulfill, despite everyday obstacles. People like you and me are going to get (as in capisce) that when we aren’t sure about where or what our priorities should be, most assuredly our priorities should be on the people in our lives, in our community, in our society, in our nation, and in our world.

Whatever is going on with us, focusing on the other will heal us and our planet. This will do great service to all. The stuff that we do, the stuff we’re about, really matters, for sure, but after 12/21/12, at any given moment, the most important stuff will be people. Why? Because after 12/21/12 we will experience soul awakenings. If we don’t already know, we truly are souls having human experiences and not so much the other way around. As we come to awaken to our own souls, we will easily recognize that we are all one and the same, we are all in this together, and we are all here to serve one another in some way or form.

So just remember, whether you’re ready or preparing for the shift of the new age,  have confidence that your “soul” priorities have to do with others because from 12/21 on out, “People Come First.”

(Resources to explore: Diana Cooper –