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Epic Fail? It’s Okay.

July 3rd, 2013

This is an affirmation which I’ve been using for about 7 or 8 years now and I believe it works. It’s actually a quote but I use it as an affirmation. I recently got my husband turned on to it, too. A friend passed it on to me, and now I am passing it on to you. It’s very powerful if you really let it steep in, slowly and surely.

If you read it when you’re feeling down and out, over and over, trust and believe in the words, you’ll make it through. You’ll move past defeat, keep moving, and transform. Moreover, you’ll empower yourself to define what failure is and what it isn’t.


-Lolo Jones

Healing and Transformation: Going At It Hard

June 22nd, 2013

The Universe can be funny. On one hand it’s often said that what we want we should go after, but sometimes when we go after what we want the Universe seemingly puts the breaks on with a screeching halt. You might be left lost thinking about what went wrong.

I’m not going to be able to tell you exactly what went wrong because sometimes shit just happens. But, there is another way to understand it, a broader way to perceive what happens when you really go after what you want.

I’m talking about going at your transformation or your healing process hard — the case of going at it hard.

For almost everything, there is a hard way and a soft way to approach things and the trickiest part of this is balancing when it’s time to go hard and when it’s time to go soft. If you’re like me, you have a tendency to go at your transformation or healing hard. You want to just bulldoze through what you have to do. You want to just move forward and ahead and knock out the changes that need to be made. You soldier up. You know it’s going to be hard and you’re ready for that. You adopt the mentality that you can’t lose, that you can’t be knocked. You adopt the mentality  that you’re going to get what you don’t have because you just will. That’s going at it hard.

Going at it hard, when it comes to your healing and/or transformation is for the most part a positive, optimistic, and ready attitude to have. Overall, a positive, optimistic, and ready attitude will definitely help you move forward in your healing and transformation because  hey, you’re going after what you want. But then, there’s the funny part. It’s that part where you’re doing all the right stuff yet somehow somewhere you’re tangled.

Isn’t it funny that as you’re going at it hard, your nice long reach hits a halting stop?! You were moving in the right direction in your transformation or healing but now you feel as though you can’t get anywhere, can’t move forward, and basically find yourself in a snafu of sorts. You’re lost.  Thrown.  You don’t know why you’re intended movements forward are suddenly backfiring.

The universe is putting the breaks on. Heed this message. The universe is putting the breaks on. Stop. Red light. Do not move forward at this time. The universe is putting the breaks on. Heed this message.

But you don’t want to just stop. You want to continue how you’ve been going. How else are you going to keep moving forward, right? How else are you going to transform? How else are you going to heal yourself or a situation?

The sage ones would say, be still. Be quiet. Just Be. You think you know the way to heal. You think you know the way to transform. You go at it hard because you’ve got the idea. This is good. This isn’t bad. But it’s also not the way. Not the way right now. Now, the way is for you to listen. Empty out of the mind of what you think you know and the ideas you have. Now, the way is for you to be awakened to your self. Now, is the way for you to be sensitive and open to another way, a way that is a new to you. The way of going at it soft.

If you go at your healing and/or transformation in a soft approach, that is to say, more relaxed, calm, open, flexible, vulnerable and trusting you can move forward. Stay loose and actually, you can move forward with less energy. Knowing how and when to incorporate a soft approach to situations you’re invested in is beneficial to growth, healing, and transformation especially in that it keeps you balanced. Maintaining  or creating balance is a key component of a healing and/or transformation process.

Going at it soft may not be your first nature, so when you’re going hard at your transformation or healing and you hit a sudden breaking point, heed the universe’s message. Stop. Take some time to catch your breath. Redirect your energy. Go the soft way. And of course, use meditation, use Reiki, use Angel medicine to get you to the soft way you need at the moment.

Be conscious of this kind of a thing happening. Stay vigilant as you pursue your transformations and healing. More times than not, you’ll discover that going at it soft is the solution to springing forward again.

Where do you experience yourself going at it hard to a point where you stagnate?


12/21/12 People Come First

December 14th, 2012

Speaking of the end of the world — 12/21/12 — I’ve finally gathered my thoughts around this big day. I hope it’s appreciated that I’ve summed it all up into one small phrase: “People Come First.”

Most of us are probably in the know by now that the world is not going to end on 12/21/12, however, our world is going to shift.  We are going to experience a re-birth, for  12/21/12 is ushering in a new age.

Some of us are ready,  some of us are prepping, and some of us still have a long way to go. It’s all good though wherever we find ourselves. One of the main things about the shift is that the new age is going to belong to the Sacred Feminine — Mother Earth, Gaia, Mary, Goddess, Mother, Shakti and so on. We’re about to be create “her-story” and close out a long time of “his-tory”. Unity and Oneness are also a big part of the shift. Our collective consciousness will expand without having to try so hard.  If we want to expand we will; the divine energy is going to be that much more readily available to us, more so because we can tap into it due to our expanded awareness of it.

Now what does this have to do with my small phrase “People Come First” ?

If you’re not sure what 12/21/12 should mean to you, try looking at it from this perspective — 12/21/12 is about people, people like you and me. Everyday people that are smart, sensitive, special,  independent, positive beautiful souls that seek purpose and meaning and who have dreams to fulfill, despite everyday obstacles. People like you and me are going to get (as in capisce) that when we aren’t sure about where or what our priorities should be, most assuredly our priorities should be on the people in our lives, in our community, in our society, in our nation, and in our world.

Whatever is going on with us, focusing on the other will heal us and our planet. This will do great service to all. The stuff that we do, the stuff we’re about, really matters, for sure, but after 12/21/12, at any given moment, the most important stuff will be people. Why? Because after 12/21/12 we will experience soul awakenings. If we don’t already know, we truly are souls having human experiences and not so much the other way around. As we come to awaken to our own souls, we will easily recognize that we are all one and the same, we are all in this together, and we are all here to serve one another in some way or form.

So just remember, whether you’re ready or preparing for the shift of the new age,  have confidence that your “soul” priorities have to do with others because from 12/21 on out, “People Come First.”

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