Dogs Know About Healing Process

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The other day one of my family dogs was in some kind of pain. She is a miniature daschund; her back had been acting up. According to my mother, she had woken up “on the wrong side of the bed.” She was not her usual self and something about her seemed off balance. Mom  of course was upset about this. She had asked if I could channel some guidance on what seemed to be the problem.

From my channeling on Talulah I gathered what the matter was from an energetic point of view. I was given information on what would make her feel better immediately. She needed solid time outdoors along with good deep breaths of fresh air. I informed Mom and she agreed to do just that for Talulah.

Just as the universe would have it, it turned out that I was free to join her for this healing walk.

Before we set out to walk, we invoked Archangel Raphael (Healing), Angel Ariel (Nature) and Saint Francis (Animals) to work their healing energy with Talulah. When Talulah saw me she was thrilled. She ran to me and gave me a lick. We set out on our walk. Interestingly, all through out our walk Talulah would come up to me and communicate in her own way that she wanted me to kneel down to her level so that I would touch her. When I did kneel down to her level,  she further would communicate that she wanted me to give her hands on healing.

Generally, dogs let you know whether they want to be touched, how they want to be touched, where they want to be touched and for how long they want to be touched.

I was amazed at how clearly Talulah communicated all of the above to me. Aside from her normal requests for attention from time to time, she usually wants nothing else from me. But this time was different. When she implored me to come down to her level it was to ask me something. How did I know? Her energy and her eyes told me.

In effect, Talulah was saying this, “You are the one I need to place your hands on me. Please listen to me. I need your special touch.” Dogs know a “special” touch from a “petting” touch. It has a different intention. It has been my experience that dogs may sense intention. Also, they may be very responsive to healing energy.

After our healing walk that included Talulah’s periodic pauses for healing Reiki touch, it was time for us to part. We got to Mom’s car and I picked Talulah up to get her inside. She knew that it was time to part. Right when I was going leave her for the rest of the day she asked me for just a little more time. In effect it went something like this, “Don’t leave me just yet. I need your special touch for a little longer of a time. Please stay.” So I answered by getting in the front seat. She then responded by curling up perfectly into my lap where I could easily place both my hands on her. Then she moved to tell me where to keep one hand a little longer. In being able to do that, I intuited that she was experiencing something equivalent to what a person may feel when they have a sciatic kind of pain. Anyway, she dug herself into me (something she never does) as if to be fully embraced and relieved by the Reiki. I intuitively gave her some sound healing and energy breath work, too.

At the end of our 15 minute session she began to breath quietly and smoothly, she stopped shaking; she was obviously more comfortable. She was ready now for me to leave her.

I said my goodbyes and wondered how she would respond. Mom reported that when she got home after the healing walk Talulah followed her healing by resting in the sun, soaking up the light. She also reported that her appetite had increased; Talulah had eaten all of her food with gusto. The next day Talulah was back to her normal self. Mom, too, was feeling better.

I saw Talulah today (now 6 days later) and she didn’t ask anything of me. She just gave me a hello lick and a goodbye lick. Yup. Back to her normal self again.

What I loved about this experience is how Talulah so clearly knew about her own healing process. I truly find it amazing. Talulah strikes me as such a tuned in creature. Yes, dogs are usually tuned in to the rythms of nature and to universal energy, but some dogs more than others (and we have several dogs in our family). Talulah is one of those kind of dogs . She knows what she needs to heal. She knew who to go to for help.

She didn’t pay me money for her healing treatment but she definitely paid me in gifts of spirit.

Have you ever had a similar experience like this with your dog? Do you think your dog is extra sensory? Do you know what your dog is communicating to you? Share!




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