Fear of Change and Moving Past It

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It’s been awhile since the last post, I know! I’ve been pretty busy with developing my creative side. I’ve been working on TheWeeBitThings. I’ve been having to switch gears in the last year or so and my healing work has taken on a different look. The truth is, I’ve been spending less time healing and been spending more time on my family and creativity. It’s been hard to put KiHealing aside right now, but I’ve had to yield and go with the flow or where the current is moving me. That doesn’t mean that I’m not a healer anymore. It just means that I need to set my work aside right now to focus on new ways that God and Universe want to work with me and within me.

Truthfully, coming to the realization that my focus has had to change, at least for now, has not been easy or all that smooth. Which brings me to the point of today’s post. Making changes, little or small, is not easy for humans … [or for muggles!] but we should strive to navigate waves of change anyway.

It’s a whole bunch of scary when it comes to ch-ch-ch-ch-changes. On the other side of change is world of unknowns. “The Great Uknown”. Yeah, it is scary to trek a path that you’ve never traversed, but we have to do it anyway. It’s not helpful to get stuck in thinking about how it’s too scary. If I got stuck in thinking  ‘how am I going to make this change? Can I make this change? I’m scared to make this change. Do I really have to change? I don’ t know how to change’, I’d just be experiencing  a Groundhog Day. I’m going over the same doubting questions day after day, time after time. That doesn’t exactly get you into action. It does get you stuck.

When we are stuck we have to ask ourselves, “is being stuck harder, worse, easier, better than taking action in the direction of change?” Every time that I’ve asked myself that question, the answer has been that being stuck  “sucks” more. Once I realize that feeling stuck is more exhausting now than the prospect of changing now, it frees me up to let go of what’s been holding me up — fear, fear of that which I don’t know.

Being stuck is more painful in the long run than taking action steps toward to change now. This is what life has taught me and I want to reiterate it here for others who may be experiencing the same thing or who are at the proverbial crossroads of stasis and change; staying the same or going for an opportunity to grow.

In the majority of cases [it’s not always], lean forward to an opportunity to grow. Change offers us an opportunity to learn something new about life, ourselves, a new area of interest and so on. Change keeps us awake; keeps us fresh; keeps us open-hearted and minded; keeps us hoping.

Allowing for changes, experiencing acts or events of change will (if we allow it) change us for the better. If we let the process of change change us, we will be met with a beautiful gift of life. We will be blessed, touched by an angel, so to speak, granted grace. What are those things, really? Words fall short and the best thing is to have a taste first hand.

A beautiful gift of life, being blessed, touched by an angel, and granted grace are matters of the spirit or the interior self (inner world). If it’s a wonderful life that you are after you must begin development of the interior self. Change promises that. So let it be. Let change move you and shake you up a bit. As the old adage goes, what doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger.

Move past your fears of change today through taking small actions everyday toward the necessary or inevitable changes you must make to reach your goals and dreams.




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