Get To Know Yourself, Your True Self

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A young adult contemplating taking a year off from school, a recent divorceé whose finally ended her marriage with her high school sweetheart, a woman whose been the primary care taker of her entire family since forever …

What do I think these situations have in common? That at least someone has advised them to, “Take some time off to get to know what you really want; get to know yourself”.  Surely anyone being involved in anything so waist-deep that they have lost track of his or her self really should take time to get to know who they are. This is pretty solid advice. I think this advice is solid enough that I am even saying this: time (whether it be time off, away, or just time) to get to know oneself at any point in life, is crucial to ones growth as a human being.

Unlike the situations mentioned above, no special circumstances are necessary to take this time. Everyone should get to know themselves better. The thing is, no one really tells you this, except for when you are waist-deep in something, or when you are at “right” appropriate age, where this kind of advice is still considered acceptable. And p.s., just in case absolutely no one has told you this, I am telling you right now: Get to know yourself, your true self.

Getting to know yourself means getting to know your true nature. At a very basic level, this is that part of you without all the masks. You know the masks. We all use them. We put them on for different people and situations, sort of like applying make-up. What do we look like when the make-up is off? Who are we when we put down the masks? What do we see? Do we really know who we are looking at? Are we happy with this person, so far?

When we honor ourselves enough to begin to get to know ourselves for what our true nature is, we have a very blessed opportunity to meet our soul. Oh, yes, it’s true, we really do! It’s like meeting a new friend. We take the time to get to know that friend and a relationship begins to grow. In getting to know ourselves we certainly do form a relationship with ourselves and we grow as people and our soul can really begin to shine through. In fact, over time, our soul can even begin to inhabit more of ourselves. When this happens, life gets really interesting, to say the least :-)!

The process of getting to know yourself involves exploration and discovery of your true self.  Also, it often involves exploring matter that isn’t always easily seen, diving down to deep “waters”, contemplating what’s happening in your life, maintaining a healthy curiosity about it and so on.

As we go down for “daily dives” and as we agree to explore the big land o’ you, it gets exciting because we open up to far more possible realities than just the one that we live in presently. The realities that we find within the deeper waters of the self are treasure boxes filled with nutrition and enrichment for our souls, gifts that give us and others hope, magic, and the thrill of mystery and wonder.

We live in a society, though, where we have learned that living from the outside in is the only way to live and be. We are not often encouraged to take daily dives throughout the course of our lives. As I mentioned in the beginning, it’s only sanctioned by society during special circumstances. Society tends to fear that too much being may lead to not enough doing. Yet when we know ourselves well, know the nature of our true being, and learn to live with who we are, we can find peace and tranquility and happiness. From my school of thought, being a peaceful, tranquil, happy human being is tremendously productive, not just for one but for all. The growth we make is not only for ourselves but for all who follow after us.

Say, if you haven’t found the treasures and gifts of the soul part of you maybe it’s a good time to begin to get to know your true self. Luckily, it’s never too late.

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Quick Tip: If you’re not sure of how or where to start, try to do something different each week to support getting to know yourself. For example, journal at least once a week, carve out time to do nothing but listen to beautiful music, get regular self care like body work, check out some oracle cards, or carve out time to be creative regulary. These can open up doors for you. They really count! These quiet and enjoyable times with yourself allow for your true self to surface. Don’t think so? I dare you to try.

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