How do we heal?

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I received a really great question from a fellow light worker around energy healing. I thought it would be good to share parts of my reply. We thought that others might ponder about something similar.

–healing energy and how it works within the healer —

There are many ways to understand the workings of healing energy . For me, this question begins with what the meaning of healing is. Healing is a series of processes of change. Like a snake sheds old skin and continually recreates new skin, so too do we, metaphorically. Say that one process of change is becoming awakened … say to the Life Force Energy, the energy of the Creator and creation within our selves. Moving into this awareness and becoming awakened from a blissful slumber, can often be a vehicle that transports us onto a path of healing. Now naturally everyone has the ability to heal, heal themselves and heal others. But not everyone is meant to be a healer or identify with a life path as a healer. Naturally, a healer is a transmitter of healing energy. Potentially, anyone who has healed themselves can transmit this energy, to themselves or others. We were created with this capacity. In fact, the “real” healer in a healer/client/patient relationship is the person who is actually going through a healing process. But again, not everyone is meant to identify their life purpose as being a healer. Anyway, the healer is able to transmit healing energy, act as a catalyst for it, act as a facilitator of it, or be an incubator of it, naturally because it is innately within us to do so. Like with everything though, a natural ability is molded, developed, practiced and so on. The natural ability, the gift, is usually in a raw form base, and if it is your life’s work to be a healer then you work with this energy to get it to be just what you need it to be or what God needs it to be.

–How does the energy healing work/take place? —

The healer opens herself up, consciously or subconsciously, to receive the healing energy. The healer is able to surrender or let go or in other words get out of his or her own way in order to fully receive the creative life force energy that is always there for us to tap into. Often times, this doesn’t require doing anything, and that is what may actually make the healing process arduous. Sometimes it requires the qualities of Trust and Faith, though I have known healings to take place without even that.

It would seem that the creative Life Force energy is a mystery that we will not ever fully understand or know, at least not as long as we are humans on this planet (or unless we decide to live as an ascetic, then maybe the mystery would be closer to understanding!). Yet, whether we understand it or not, this force is infinitely creative and cyclical which means that at the same time it animates life it also expires life.

This makes me believe that when it comes to receiving healing, it is of most importance to yield to the Life Force, and simultaneously assert our soul’s desire. If we could picture that, it might look like us down on our knees feeling fully the pain of illness, the pain of suffering, passionately crying out in despair, and yet still finding ourselves with and in the energy of asking, praying, opening, and surrendering. There is a paradox there, I think. On one hand we are in despair, we are pretty much giving up our fight for life, and yet at the same time, in this very despair, and in this very hopeless cry, we are so filled up with vital life energy. In this treacherous place, in this painful crazy chaotic moment in time, we are truly alive. … I think something happens in between the lines there. I don’t know what it is, but that is where I believe the actual healing takes place, to be played out in our lives as either a spontaneous healing or through a slower paced healing.

God made us creative beings. We have regenerative abilities. It’s innate within us. But how this healing ability plays out in the physical world really depends on each one of us, and the journey before each one of us, and the personal pacts we have made to ourselves, our loved ones and to our Creator.

–What happens to the physical problem/dis-ease of the being? Where does it go?

As far as where does the dis-ease go when a healing takes place? The dis-eased energy does not go anywhere and yet goes everywhere. Another paradox! The energy transforms. It becomes parts of something else. It changes. In our bodies and souls, I’d like to believe that it changes from dis-ease into ease.



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