How Does It Get Better Than This?

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WARNING: this is not for the mushy afraid or intolerant. Content is full of lovely thoughts and ideas.


I do declare, I love my life. I’m not under any illusions or delusions about it either!

My life is what it is for right now. There’s some room for “home” improvement, but listen, when will there ever not be? Here’s the thing, leaving room for improvement is “emptying the cup.”

I love my life; it’s like a full cup of rich roasty coffee that I sip down slowly. As I slowly enjoy this one cup, a part of me knows that I must “empty the cup” so that I may have room for more … that is, learning, love, wisdom, fulfillment, happiness, and so on.

“Emptying the cup” is the equivalent of basquing in the grace of a moment and asking, ‘how does it get better than this?’

I love my life; how does it get any better than this?

I don’t know. I know what I know and I know what I don’t know.

We all pretty much know this: S**t happens. Right? We all know that. And it’s no reason to linger in on that longer than what is useful. At this point in my life, I accept what is a lot easier than before because I know that s**t happens. Then I “empty my cup” because I’m filled to the brim with whatever, and I steo aside and allow myself to receive whatever it is that I need (often what I don’t know). I open myself to receive that which I don’t know.

When I ask, ‘how does it get better than this?, whether it’s in anger or joy, I’m expecting a response. I’ve received enough to know that it’s safe for me to have this expectation. I will receive … something of a response. I get a ping back all of the time, so I can relax and let it all be.

Now wait. It doesn’t always go down as smoothly as on paper, but I know that, too. And that’s what I know. So be it.

There are many ways my life can be better and at the same time I love the very one I have.

It may seem that I am on happy pills and or sippin’ on some kind of kool-aid, because honestly, if someone else were to look through the looking glass at mi vida loca, they might not see what I see. They may see nothing special of the like. Maybe they’d see how much better their life is and then think I’m just mad. Well, the skinny is, that I am some kind of mad — mad in love with the rich kingdome I’ve been building on the inside of me. And there’s no resting on my laurels … I’ve still got a lot more building to do.

The knitty-gritty? I love my life because of the love that wells up in me when I think of my honey, my family dogs, family and friends, kind and gentle souls, angels and earth angels, my blessed home, my part-time work, my loyal car, new people I meet, plans to actualize, wishes to realize, desires to manifest, creative ideas to birth, and values and truths to embody.

Life is fruitful, and my life is so giving to me.



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