How To Be A Leader Or A Better Leader, At Home and At Work Part I

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Let me start off by being honest. A big part of the reason behind why I’ve created Ki Healing is because I’ve never really felt like I “fit in” — especially in the workplace. Ouch! Putting that out there sort of stings as I write. But, there are reasons for why I feel compelled to share this. For one, feeling like I don’t “fit in” has really helped me to know myself better and that has been ever so satisfying.  For two, it’s also really shown me (albeit indirectly and sometimes painfully) what it is to be a Leader.

Before I put the meat on the bones, I will say that even though I have felt like, ‘I’ll just never “fit in” anywhere’, I have and I do. It’s with great sentimentality that I name the groups that I finally felt that I could fit in. They are with healers, martial artists, Indigos  and Lightworkers. I’m just now introducing myself to a whole other group, a group of artisans.  It’s my great hope that I feel like I could fit in this group, too. We all need a sense of belonging, however, we don’t all need to be followers. Some of us are meant to lead the way.

The following post is going to be a 2 or 3 part post, because there’s really a lot I’d like to share about being a Leader. Some of it may sound like it’s just related to the work place, but really, these tips are universal. I encourage you to keep an open mind.

How To Be A Leader Or A Better Leader, At Home and At Work


1. Hire the right ATTITUDE. Don’t necessarily hire the “right” person, hire the right attitude. Whether you are hiring for a position at work / at home or looking for your soul mate (I mean it) it’s key to use intuition, gut instincts and perception. Just because someone looks good on paper or on the outside (hot dresser and a God-like face plus can make it rain) doesn’t make the decision to hire this person a no-brainer. From what I have learned, seen and read, attitude is pretty much everything. Attitude goes a lot farther than a smart or sexy silhouette. Speaking of smart -being smart is a very useful attribute, but even if someone is simply common sense smart and has a good attitude, life will show them (and you) it’s finest side. The right attitude is a ready mind.

2. Lead by example. Whatever you want from others, be that yourself. Set examples for others to follow. You don’t have to be on parade, just really be that which you want to see in and from others.

3. Don’t be afraid to set a precedent. If you truly believe that making a change to the current pattern in the matrix can breath new life into a given area, situation or whatever, then stick your neck out for it. If you believe in something set a precedent for the better because you are a leader that has values … and it shows.

4. Being a manager does not necessarily make you a leader. Regardless of whether you’re a manager of your home or manager of a staff, don’t just manage. Lead. Lead your peeps, lead a way.

5. Don’t be threatened by inquiring minds, instead get thrilled. Every question can be a solution. Questions can lead you out of a box that you didn’t think that you were in. Being like-minded has its place, but someone who’s marching to their own drum could, well, drum up some fresh ways of looking at problems and systems. Everyone has something to contribute. Don’t be threatened by how it looks or the way it’s delivered. Be thrilled.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this post coming soon!


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