How To Be A Leader (Or A Better Leader) At Home and At Work Part II

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Back in August, I wrote Part I of How to Be A Leader At Home and At Work. I was motivated to put this How-To together because I’ve had so many experiences with what doesn’t work in situations with people I love and have been close to. It’s because of the less than ideal experiences that I’ve gone through that this list has been created.  And no, I do not have it mastered, but at least it is out of my head and onto to paper so that I may be able to take my time to master these principles. Because the relationships that I have are very important to me, I’m motivated to think about, write, and master the qualities that create successful relationships. Having positive, peaceful, and authentic relationships is integral to being a better leader at home or at work.

Part II consists of an additional 5 tips on how to be a leader (or a better one) at home and at work. Take a few minutes and let these settle in.

6. Think out of the box. A leader is a life learner; this doesn’t necessarily mean the MBA or PhD type of learning. Thinking out of the box in this case means letting yourself get inspired by other people and common every day phenomena. Thinking out of the box could mean opening yourself to believe that life itself and other people are really great teachers, too! Be open enough to allow these teachers to lead you out of your box once in awhile.

7. Have a good time! Most of the time, home life and work life should be places of enjoyment. Share laughter, enjoy your work. If you don’t love your work, whether at home or at your place of employment, learn to love what you do. Do what needs to be done in a good spirit and with a light heart. It’s okay to have a good time, we can still be productive — many times we are more productive when we approach our work with a lighter heart and some equanimity.

8. Greet your fellow humans. I know. This one could seem irrelevant to being a leader, but it’s soo not! It is very relative to being a leader. Greetings are like small deposits that you give to others. (Remember, build deposits before you drawback). You show that you see them and care about them. If you can greet the fellow humans that you’re around every day, it communicates that you are consistent. Consistency is, more times than not, trusted and liked.

9. Allow for input. Try to encourage a space and or place for communication. Yes, you are the leader, but you don’t know everything and you don’t have to know everything. Giving others a safe space and place to communicate (with you) often times builds a sense of loyalty because those around you feel like they can be of some contribution. Having loyalty can take the pressure of you to know everything and do everything. Others can and will contribute something to and for you because you’ve given them room to express their ideas.

10. Ask don’t demand. As a leader, it’s so easy to simply make demands. But if you want to be a better leader, ask for something to be done instead of just telling someone what to do. Asking is another kind of deposit. It shows that you can respect others and that it turn will earn you respect. Being consistent with this one is key to earning the respect.

I hope that you got something from Part II of How To Be A Leader (or A Better Leader) at Home and At Work. Be sure to revisit Part I. Print them out, review these every once in a while; I know I will! [Because I have to — I could really use the reminding.]

Look out for Part III, it’s coming soon.


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