How To Free Your Heart’s Desires

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We all have dreams, right? Big ones and little ones alike. Think for a sec, what’s one thing you really wish that you could be, do or have?

Maybe you want to purchase a home or move to another country. Maybe you want to be a better daughter or mother. Maybe you’d like someone to help you with all the laundry.

Big or small, dreams are meant to come true. What’s in our hearts is meant to come to life.  Remember this though, although what’s in our hearts will be, it won’t always come packaged the way we think it should.

When something is deeply impressed in our hearts, it must come to life because if it didn’t come to life we would feel very bad or we’d  feel as though we have everything but it’s still not enough. It would feel like something is missing.

One of the tasks of our journeys here (the journey of being humans on earth) is to work towards manifesting what is in our hearts.

I don’t know how most others think that this happens, but I have encountered a few people who a) just don’t have any idea how to go about this b) will wait until magic dust falls on their heads, then get their lucky chance and shine their way to their mountain top, c) know what they should do but don’t do it because of some reason or another or d) over-do what they need to do to make their heart’s desires happen but in the process lose track of their hearts desire, i.e. try too hard.

So if the answer is none of the above, how then do we manifest what’s in our hearts?

We strike a balance. We get in harmony with the being and doing part of ourselves. There in that place, the desires of our hearts are set loose. To sustain ourselves in this harmony, we need magic (e.g. muse, inspiration, angels, nature, allies), motivation (from the inspiration we receive), discipline, commitment and order.

Magic + Motivation + Discipline + Commitment + Order = Manifesting Heart Desire (MHD)

It’s a formula! Through this formula, I’ve learned that there is a natural order behind everything that we do. If everything is indeed in order then we  see the desires of our hearts manifest in our lives.

The formula is meant to keep us on our personal paths of living out the desires of our hearts through: 1) [magic] inviting us to stay connected to all that is, 2) [motivation] fueling us with the fire of desire, 3) [discipline] keeping us awake to what is happening now, 4) [commitment] challenging us to remain awake when we are weary, and 5) [order] sharing with us vision to see plain radiance everywhere and in everything.

If we follow the formula we go where our hearts want to go. If we have been led to the formula but disregard it, we take detours, sometimes very long detours, often involving some chaos. Sometimes we prefer to work with chaos instead of order. Sometimes our perspectives on our experiences give us the impression we are not already in perfect order. So, we create chaos, any little bit of chaos, because we need chaos to show us our way back to our natural state of perfect order.

Magic+Motivation+Discipline+Commitment+Order can take us to places we may not know how to get to otherwise. It is little by little that we make our way to where we are going and along the way we find ourselves right where we find ourselves. And it’s such a great place to be. It’s a fine place to be. We check in with ourselves and can honestly say we are well, and all is well.

Have you come up with a formula that works for you? What is it?



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