Is Your Idea in Incubation?

February 22nd, 2012 by KiHealing1 Leave a reply »

My mind has been spinning. It spins with all of the ideas I have to grow my dreams, of all the people in my life who I don’t get to speak to every day but who I feel connected to all the time, of the list of things to do in my immediate future, of my very fast approaching wedding day, and on and on and on.

Sound familiar?

I haven’t been able to formulate any long sentences, let alone a paragraph on my blog, or personal diary. But it’s NOW, this evening, this hour, this moment that is finally the right time for me to share what’s been evolving in me. (Thank God for sacred moments of stillness).

Ki Healing is taking a back seat for now, while I am working on getting myself married and then right after that plunging full forward on beginning a small online craft business. I am starting an online business making sweet, pretty, kind, cute, loving, healing gifts — primarily in the form of jewelry and accessories. I am fully committing myself to the fulfillment of this new birth, so without a doubt, Ki Healing will be affected.

For this lifetime, I am a healing artist, so that means that Ki Healing will still be available for services and I’ll continue to blog on Ki Healing, however, my direct focus will be on my online shop.

Do expect to see changes to Ki Healing’s focus, too. The topics I’ll be blogging about will likely be more about finding your purpose, and transforming yourself little by little in order to reach your dreams! This is a wonderful awesome powerful live journey that we are on, and I am absolutely convinced that every single one of us has a purpose to live out. I’m also determined that if you have a dream or a recurring nagging idea, that you must take action to make it happen. I encourage you to be the archetypal Fool and set foot on the path of the unknown.

I do have plans to bridge Ki Healing and my online gift shop, but as of now, I don’t have a clear vision on how that will be. The Angels have already informed me that when the time is right that will come. I fully trust that.

It may seem that this is sort of random/out of the blue, but the incubation time on this new direction has taken approximately 6 months before any full sentence structure about the idea could even be formulated. I share that because I think it’s important to the process of Becoming (and maybe even to Being) to notice just how long it can take for a feeling to move to an articulation and then to move to a declaration. Depending on what we are dealing with, this time varies, and we owe it to ourselves to give it the time it needs.

p.s. My Angels have been with me on this all the way and yours are with you all the way, too.

Until next time – Love, Listen, Learn, and Be Free.



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