It’s the Thought That Counts … Really.

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It’s the beginning of May! We are nearing the 6 month mark of 2012. I know I’m not alone in thinking how crazy-fast time flies. I’m not sure anymore if it’s the planetary shifts or the tilting of the earth’s axis that has been making time move so fast or if it’s just me. Me getting older, feeling as though time is moving faster than I want or need it to. What’s it for you?

I’ve caught myself thinking so much about time to the point of fixating on its speed, totally over-concentrating on how time flies and turn obsessive on trying to grasp exactly how time does this. I’m not a physicist. Anyone?

I’ve also noticed that usually, this kind of thinking does not lead me to great thoughts or good feelings.

Obsessing about time and its movement, in contrast to mine, typically leads me to feeling out of control, feeling ineffective, hopeless and with low energy. Point blank, I end up feeling crappy. So why do I do it?

I am racing the clock. I admit it. I’m trying to beat time. Ever do that, too? There’s a sense of accomplishment, importance, and finiteness to finishing a project of any scale ahead of schedule (a rarity, by the way). Finishing a project on time equals feeling on top the game (what game am I playing, again?). But being behind schedule? As in time running out on me? Not such a great feeling. I feel powerless and beat. The thought of being behind the clock causes a definite shift in not only my mood, but in my overall experience of the present moment.

This post isn’t about time, by the way. It’s about how and what I think about time and how that thinking affects the quality of my experience. Now I’ve had some time, to think about this cause and effect thing and here’s what I’ve figured. Time is time is time. I can’t change the nature of time … not yet achieved any Jedi powers … time just is.

So, what about me?

I can change me and my experience through my thinking, my thoughts. I may not have Jedi powers, but I do have the power of my thoughts.

Here’s the main idea I wanted to share in this post: It’s thought that creates our feelings, moment to moment. It’s not time, or any other possible external situation or phenomena for that matter, that’s responsible for how we feel moment to moment. It’s our internal thoughts. Our thoughts are creating our feelings which in turn create the quality of our experience.


These days when I catch myself playing games with time (games that I know I’m wasting my time with but that my ego wants to play anyway) I go straight to my thoughts. Well, actually, first I go to my feelings, which usually look depressed, and then I go straight to my thoughts. Like a good plumber, I shine my flashlight in all areas of my mind, searching for the cluster of thoughts that’s responsible for the “clog”. I work to clear the “cloggy” thoughts by replacing them with clarity (i.e.the reality is that thoughts come and go, when we let them). How do you get clarity? That’ll be a topic for a future post! But, I will leave you with this hint — Music. “Music is moonlight in the gloomy night of life. ” – Jean Paul

Next time you’re not feeling on top of the world, think about what thoughts are being entertained inside of your mind, seek to pinpoint what thoughts are creating how you feel in any given present moment, are they darker or lighter thoughts? Do you want to change how you are feeling? Change some of those thoughts! Try using music to do that.





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