Laying On Hands

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For many folks the laying on hands is considered hocus pocus. It can be hard to comprehend how it works because it works so simply that it is hard for us to get that it even works at all. Many of us have a tendency to believe that we have to feel something working in order for it to be working, similar to no pain no gain kind of thinking. But, the real deal is that the laying on of hands, like Reiki, does work. It works on a very subtle level, and unless you are a very sensitive person, you may not notice anything.

We are all born with a natural ability to heal ourselves. We also have natural abilities to heal others. Our hands are basically hot spots for our living energy to radiate out from. Let me repeat what I just last wrote — our living energy. This living energy is the source of this natural ability to heal. We can understand this living energy source as love and belief in the healing. It is really that simple!

Living energy is everywhere and everything in this universe. It is vast. And we humans are this living energy, too. We are much more than our beliefs.

It is my intent to help change minds in order to help expand beliefs. I want to help reveal to others important pieces of the vastness that we truly are.

I recently read an article about Hands-On Spiritual Healing. I want to share it with you. It’s a short read, but supportive of laying of hands healing. Enjoy!

Hands On Healing


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