Letting Go to Get A Life

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Since a lot of my experience (therefore my style of healing) has been about change I ruminate on the alchemy of change. My thoughts hang around the natural cycles of death and rebirth plenty. I play with concepts around how transformation actually occurs.

Jesus has been known to say several times that “You must lose your life to find your life, and if you do not let it go, you will never find it.” Ahhhh … such a refreshing drink to sip on, this quote is. Every time I repeat it, it feels like truth trickling down into all of me, watering my soul.

This is an important concept when considering any degree of change.
[Warning: paradox approaching]
We die and then we live.

We’re probably more used to hearing ‘you live and then you die’. This is true when we are living from just one aspect of ourselves. But when we are living from our whole selves, we have to die first, so that we can know how to live.

I read a great article recently in the Spring 2011/Vol. 23 edition of the Light of Consciousness, Journal of Spiritual Awakening that I want to share an some excerpts from it in just a moment.  The article is based on the 6 CD audios course, “The Art of Letting Go”, by Richard Rohr.

To live fully, we need to know something about letting go, we need to know about our true self, and we need to know a little about how being under fire or going through the fire is the deliberate creative force meant to ignite life into us.

This excerpt here is about letting go of the false self (aka the ego or personality) and becoming the true self (aka the soul, our authentic self, our whole self)

“So you see why we are talking about letting go. If you are not practiced at letting go, you will hold onto your false self and never discover your true self. Many have said that we are all suffering from a terrible case of mistaken identity. We think we are what we have created, what our culture, our religion and our mistakes have created. We are, but we are much more than that. That “more than that” is what probably most of us mean by the soul. You do not have to create your soul. It is your inner, deepest, blueprint, your divine DNA. It is who you are before you did anything right or wrong. It is your deepest hidden and true self in God — the self beyond observation, beyond reflection, the self that can never be an object of your attention or a think that you can improve on or punish. It is only experienced when you live in a moment of pure presence, when you are not labeling, judging, analyzing, critiquing, rewarding or punishing. There, Merton says, like a small, shy animal, the true self shows itself.”

“The false self, the ego as Freud called it, ends up being the great illusion. It is not bad. You simply have to recognize that it is only a part. You do not let go of the part, you simply move beyond the part to the whole. …” – Richard Rohr

Excerpts are from an article based on the 6 CD audios course, “The Art of Letting Go”, by Richard Rohr in the Spring 2011/Vol. 23 edition of the Light of Consciousness Journal of Spiritual Awakening.




  1. Hilarie says:

    Letting go of our attachments is challenging but when we do we are leading a more authentic life.

    • gomez says:

      Thanks for sharing, Hilarie. I think most of us can relate to the first part of your comment. Letting go is hard when you’re human, but as the saying goes, “we are not human beings having a spiritual experience, but spiritual beings having a human experience.” – Teilhard de Chardin.

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