Lost My Wallet, Got Rich Quick

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This Wednesday morning was a small whirlwind.

Preface: I’ve been working on the manifestation of a new project. I am excited about it because I’ve never tried to manifest something of this proportion. I am also very excited because I get to experiment, like a scientist in a lab! So my work has begun. Yesterday was Tuesday, and being that it was a New Moon, I knew the magnetic energy had been turned on.

Story: This morning, a rather peculiar thing happened. I ran into the coffee shop for a drink to go. I walked up to the counter, placed my order, and went into my purse looking for my wallet to pay my barista. Uh-oh. I got a little panicked. I could not find my wallet. I was like, “come one Wallet, where you be? You can’t get that lost in here.”  But no, no wallet in my tiny little purse (it’s tiny but deep).

I was trying not to let my mind race. I wanted to remain calm enough to quickly retrace my steps so that I could know where my wallet was and continue with my order. Meanwhile, in the background, the line behind was getting longer. Assessing the situation, I gave up on the coffee and told the barista to cancel my order because I had no wallet with me.

Just as I was turning away, feeling heartbroken that I could not get my “Hump Day” drink on (Wednesday = middle of week) and acting concerned about the whereabouts of my wallet, a wonderful kind soul instantly lifted me up. This beautiful being of Light interjected, “I’ll pay for her drink.”

I was in shock, really, because it was so unexpected. I had been very self involved in my little dilemma and if I had any other thought, I thought I was being a burden to those waiting in line behind me, but not to this wonderful lady.

For me, this wonderful lady was my hero, my angel, because she stepped right in out of nowhere to save me. I know, I know, I wasn’t dying, actually, but this was a little tiny baby itsy death. It was sort of death by defeat do you know what I mean? It was an “ugh” kind of moment and she saved me from going all the way into that not good feeling by offering me light and a gesture of compassion.

This woman intervened in a small moment of my life and changed my experience. She told me, “Oh I want to, at least you can have your coffee being that you lost your wallet …actually, I lost mine yesterday. It turned out that my little girl had it.”

Well, how about that? What a coink-a-dink … and we all know about coincidences, right? There is no such thing as a coincidence! She was in my shoes just a day or two before, and she turned right back around to give thanks by sharing it with me.

Fast forward to later that same morning. More interesting patterns develop.

Just a week ago I had been wondering if the paycheck I receive for my other part time job had been correctly calculating my paid time off. Time is money, after all. In essence, I was wondering if I was being paid correctly. I didn’t get around to asking anyone, when randomly this very morning, this I-lost- my-direct- source- of -money morning, the Divinely detailed payroll lady told me that she didn’t think I was being paid my earned time off. Sure enough she looks into it and I’ve got a whole lotta paid time off. She went out of her way to do this for me. Now, I am rich with vacation hours! It was like the universe was giving me a wink and saying, “You ain’t even gotta worry, girl, I got your back.”  Yes, indeedy.

Fast forward to later, later that morning.

I called my mom to loop her in, recruit her to pray, and invite her team of angels to help me find the lost wallet. I also said that if she happened to be in the area where I live, that maybe if she wanted or if she could, to please stop by my home to see if my wallet was where I suspected it was. It was a lot to ask of my mother, but I just thought I’d ask, in case she wanted to help in this way. I didn’t expect her to do it. We love each other beyond measure, but I wouldn’t say that I thought my request was a slam dunk.

It was late in the afternoon now, about 3:30 pm, when I get a text on my phone that read, ”Hi, hey thank the heavens I found ur lil blk wallet it was in the monchi bag ok so a good reason to be happeeeeeee!!!!” Reading that was a totally good reason to be happy, but another totally good reason to be happy was that my mom went pretty far out of her way to do this kind act for me. She, another beautiful being of Light, gifted to me a gesture of thoughtful generosity. She filled my spirit with Joy.

Kowabunga! Here’s some of the insight:

Wallets can be said to be a symbol of our money. Money is usually a popular object we want to attract. Here I had lost the wallet, the supposed direct source of the money. Yet I was experiencing abundance all around me. Here is what I noticed. I was open. I was ready to receive assistance from the universe through earth angels or good Samaritans. I was receptive to capturing the language of Spirit. I was willing to seek the message of healing and higher ideals. I was checking in with my inner guidance the whole time.

I am open. I am ready to receive from the universe. I am receptive to the language of Spirit. I seek the higher meaning and healing opportunities of situations. I continually check in with my inner core guidance.

Does this resonate with you? How are you doing with this? How is affecting the abundance in your life?


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  1. Hilarie says:

    Oh how many times have I lost my wallet? Hmmm…too many to actually admit. Everytime this happens the angels take care of me. It also represents a disassociation with our identity.

    I love that the lady behind you gifted you with a coffee. This is a fun thing to do in a drive thru line. Pay for the meal for the person behind you. The drive thru cashier will think your nuts but its fun….

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