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Okay beautiful spirits, it’s that time again. Mercury is going Retrograde! I typically don’t include too much astrology here except for themes that I deem very impacting and that I personally have experienced on some level.

Please be aware that Mercury, the planet of communication, goes retrograde on April 18 and keeps up those shenanigans ’til May 11. Retrograde means that Mercury travels backwards through the zodiac of the planet.

Since Mercury rules everything communications, it is said that everything communications goes bananas! Things happen like: computers acting up, cars breaking down, mobile phones not recording voice mails, projects demanding more of you and your resources than you originally planned for, yadda, yadda.

Here’s the nutshell: weak links will reveal themselves.

A pretty important piece of advice that you’ll read or hear plenty is that you should refrain from making any important decisions or start any new projects. Don’t sign any new contracts, i.e. buying a house, car or start work related projects.

Sounds like a big bad, no? It’s not at all bad. It is a chance for us to slow down, assess and re-asses and try to fix what’s not working. It gives us some time to catch up on projects that we’ve put out on the margins. You can trust that these annoyances and inconveniences will benefit you in the long-run. That’s usually the way the marvelous Universe works. Gotta love it.

Here’s something I’ve heard — the Mercury Retrograde has the energy of the Trickster (Coyote) and brings to light a lesson or a message for us in his typical round about teasing way. If any of you have experienced Coyote Medicine you know how silly it can me you feel. But no matter what, there is a lesson for us to learn and a message we need to hear.

What do you say we try to ride this Retrograde out smoothly and go with the flow?


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