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My Healing Art, Ki Healing


Although many of you know that I am a certified massage therapist, many of you might not be very clear on what my work is about. This is probably because it has been evolving quite a bit especially over the past two years! It’s true that I am a massage therapist. I consider massage to be the foundation of my work and it’s important to note that it’s spiritually based. That means that I cater to the well being and nurturing of your spirit self. Call me a spiritual counselor if it makes it easier to understand. For me to be able to counsel, nurture, and cater to your spirit, I offer different ways to do this. One way is through massage therapy, another is through Reiki. Reiki is Japanese for Universal Life Force. This body treatment is subtle, nurturing, illuminating, balancing and of course, healing. CLICK FOR MORE ABOUT REIKI


Another aspect of my work is through Spiritual Direction, a companioning of your spirit’s journey. It’s so important to have someone help us navigate our unique faith journey as we grow deeper into ourselves and draw nearer to God (feel free to replace ‘God’ with other terminology you are more comfortable with, i.e. Source, Universe, Higher Power). With this offering, I help you to notice and respond to the movements of God as experienced in the events of your life and in your prayer. As a spiritual director or I am a listening and supportive companion who creates a sacred space for you to look honestly at your relationship with the Sacred (God) as it is lived out in every day life.




For those who seek guidance from their guardian angels and/or their spirit guides, I provide two similar services: Angel Card Readings and Channeled Readings/Guidance. With this offering, I help you in different areas of your life to gain clarity and focus, with discernment and confirmation, to see “big picture” perspective, and finally to move out of feeling “stuck”. Specifically with this offering, I work with Angels and/or Spirit Guides.

Most of these services are ways to help you manage your energy in your life, to help you direct your energy in the direction that you truly desire, to help you activate necessary changes for your spiritual growth, and to create a space for healing to happen naturally and at your own pace. I provide you with supportive listening and coaching to help you get grounded and balanced.

Stay tuned for more evolutions … there definitely will be.

Ki Healing



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