Polar Bear Medicine, Message In A Dream

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It’s been about a week since I had a dream with the Polar Bears. At the time I had it I knew that it was a sign, a message. Even though I researched it’s significance and found out what Polar Bear’s medicine is about, it didn’t really sync up with me until this week.

Just like Polar Bear was showing me in my dreams, with the language of symbols, I need to adapt. I need to be so adaptive that I can thrive whatever the condition. That means I’d have to be pretty darn flexible. Meaning that I don’t break, just bend. Ah-ha! Ah-ha….? What situations, conditions, circumstances are asking me to adapt?

Polar Bear, among other things, is about finding sustenance in barren landscapes and purity of spirit. (source: I found this description of Polar Bear to be the most complete – Ina Woolcott. )

I’ve come to admit that I’ve just been through some barren landscaping. I’ve got a situation at hand that I’m coming up short of ideas on how to face. Somehow, I’ve got to swim (polar bear is an excellent swimmer through emotional waters), not sink. How?

Adapt. Be flexible. There is a purity of spirit in that I’ve come across terrain I don’t know. That’s right, I don’t know. Usually, usually, I know. I’m a problem solver. I come up with decent solutions. But this time, I don’t know. I’m experiencing this purity of spirit – egoless- ego is no-go in this new terrain. So I ‘leggo of my ego and just be. Be here, now. In the purity of spirit. Being here now has led me to insight that I’ve got to adapt. I’ve got to get flexible. Stubbornness of the ego must go.

Polar Bear teaches how to “walk on the “ice” of life with grace and lightness.” (source: Gregg Prescott, http://www.in5d.com/animal-symbolism-totems-and-dream-analysis.html). This message was perfectly aligned with the Angel card I chose (and totally didn’t get so I put it off to the side and chose another one), Grace.  Ah-ha!

Spiritual work is sleuth work. Seriously. You’ve got to be a sleuth to gather up the links, connect the dots, see the pattern, and get the message.

So that’s it. It’s with adaptability, flexibility, purity of spirit (ego “I”, don’t know) that I can walk on ice with Grace and a lightness of being. There’s where the Angel of Grace wanted to fit in. The ice is the barren landscape that can fall right from under you, or so it feels. And Grace is the energy that helps you to walk across the hostile environment with a lightness that will move you across the plain without a fall out.

This kind of a message imparts wisdom. It is reassuring and provides guidance on how to proceed. It communicates real insight that can be used in the material world making it even more valuable. Expect to receive these insights or guidelines and you will. Be alert for their arrival.

Has Polar Bear medicine ever carried a message for you? Where might you also need to exercise adaptability? What area has it been hard for you to be flexible?



  1. Terri says:

    Thank you for this wonderful insight!! I had a dream last night of 3 Polar Bears in the near distance of where I was lying with 2 friends on lounge chairs in the sun. The Bears were in the snow not too far away. When I noticed them, they noticed me and started to run towards us. I told my friends that we need to get up slowly and quietly and proceed into the house. As we did, I locked the door and then I felt relieved…safe.
    There were 3 Polar Bears and 3 of us. I don’t know if that is significant or not. We were lying in the sun and they were in the snow. I felt threatened by them, especially when they started coming towards us…somewhat agressively. But your message about adaptability and flexibility really resonates with me and what is going on in my life right now. If you have any insight on my dream I would be very grateful to hear it!!!!!

    • KiHealing1 says:

      Hi Terri,
      I’m so grateful for your feedback. How exciting you had a dream of Polar Bears! As far as any further insight on your dream, you’ll want to ask yourself of the significance of the 2 other people in your dream. Who are they in your “real” awake life? That will be significant. Because, maybe they are in the same boat in real life. Or maybe they’re the folks you need to show flexibility to or with.
      If you’re resonating with the message of adaptability and flexibility then this dream was definitely a message to high light this area of yourself. For example, in your dream, you were in the sun, relaxing on lounge chairs, but not too far away, there was snow, a very different feel than sun. Also, in the sun you were relaxing, but in the snow there were scary bears that could make you tense if you thought about it. So, you decided to get to safety very stealthily. You came up with a strategy of how you were going to confront this situation. And you did it. You got to safety! You didn’t get stuck where you were. You assessed the situation, you let go of ego, and you did what you had to do to be successful. That there is adaptability.

      Anyway, I hope that helps some. Try to translate this symbolism into your real waking life (situation) where the symbolism of the dream can actually be applied to real life. You are the one to apply it and try it. Most likely, it will work to help you deal.

      Best to you!

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