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I have had the blessing of Reiki in my life for a good while now. Recently, I was thinking back to how much my life has changed since Reiki first came into my life. For one, I used to experience a lot of tension within my body and in my life. Since Reiki has entered my life, I have released that tension from my body.

Remembering my Reiki Level I class, I recalled how I finally felt as though I had found the heart of my healing hands. Finally my hands felt the beautiful, loving, and compassionate higher power that they had always yearned for.

I was born with these hands that wanted to reach out and touch someone. They seemed to have always had a mind of their own . I guess you could call me a touchy-feely type. It’s natural for my hands to want to touch up and fix someone. Even before my heart, these hands of mine have been compelled to channel silent compassion.

You can say that it was my hands that led me to become certified in massage therapy. After completing an intensive massage study program, I started to feel as though all the technique and modalities I learned in massage still didn’t quite translate the language my hands wanted to express.

I felt sad. Something was missing. I felt sad because I thought my massage therapy study would be the be-all and end-all of my healing art. When I received my Reiki Level I atunements I found what I was missing. Through the Reiki symbols, my hands learned the language they needed to simply¬† communicate love and compassion in order to heal the body, the mind and spirit. I thought, “this is it!”

Today, as a Reiki Master, I still strongly feel, “this is it!”

This may come as a surprise, but as much as I love Reiki and sincerely believe in its healing energy, I don’t believe that Reiki is for everyone. I think meditation is for everyone, but can’t same the same for Reiki. There are many energy healing modalities that other healers are drawn to. There are clients who don’t resonate with the work at all. Some people simply learn Reiki for the atunements. Some don’t intend to practice Reiki on anyone. Others don’t necessarily take it on as a way (principles) to live one’s life. And yet, there are so many more Reiki practitioners now than when I first received my training. When I first learned Reiki, there were relatively few people who even knew what it was. It brings me great satisfaction to know that so many people receive wonderful benefits and healing from Reiki.

I thank God for Reiki. Just like my teachers warned, Reiki has changed my life and would grow and develop with me, giving me no more and no less than I could handle. Like a true friend, Reiki has always been by my side, supporting and encouraging my development.

Reiki truly helps people suffering many dis-eases. In my practice, I have found that it is incredibly beneficial for people who are generally sensitive — either physically, emotionally and/or psychically sensitive or who are going through a period of great vulnerability. I have also found that generally, it doesn’t seem to be as effective, or at least, speedily effective, with persons who have a stronger tendency toward an active, chattier mind. This is just what I have found, generally, and in my personal practice.

I would love to hear about your experience with Reiki, either as a practitioner or a receiver. How do you feel about Reiki? What questions about Reiki do you have?


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  1. Joel says:

    This very nice reading. and I hope the Reiki organizations reward you for such a nice representation of their teaching!

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