Soul Mates and Twin Flames

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I’m finally going to get married. I’ve been waiting a very long time for this. Longer than I thought I would have to wait. My plan was to be married with children ten years ago. But, I was not ready (even though I thought I was) and I just didn’t meet guys who propelled me to be ready. Although it has been a long journey of getting to know myself through many unsuccessful relationships, I don’t regret anything. I’ve had the opportunity to meet many interesting characters and special people who have taught me so much about who I am.

I remember feeling grief over not having met the mate of my soul. It felt as though no matter what I did or focused on, I still felt incomplete in some inexplicable way. That was grievous for me. After enough dejection, I finally came to the reality. The reality was that my life was my own and would not be jump started once I met Mr. Right. I had to do my life by myself. I realized that I had been waiting for my so called prince in order for my life to begin. I had a wide awakening when I realized that doing this was a big mistake. While it was hard to let go of my illusions of the prince on the white horse, I was guided to understand that this was something I had to do if I was going to be the person I aspired to be.

I decided to focus on me, myself and I, to focus on further stabilizing my life. I let go of wondering whether I was ever going to meet my Soul Mate. I decided that I would just let life happen. I determined that if I never met my Soul Mate then there would be some good reason for it. I tried instead to trust God.

From that time to now, things have come full circle, until the next part.  For now, I thought I’d share my findings.

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Keep in mind that there are different views on this and always go with what feels right within.

We all want to meet our “Soul Mate”, but maybe we already have and just don’t know it. See, a Soul Mate is not necessarily by definition a romantic love partner. A Soul Mate might just be a cat or a dog … or your best friend. Soul Mate might not be the Knight in Shining Armor, but a steady companion. A Soul Mate may or may not cause sensations in the loins, but will certainly lighten the heart and brighten the eyes. Soul Mates tend to travel meandering paths alongside of each other until the day those paths actually cross. From the beginning, their bond is united and strong. It’s a fortress kind of strong; not easily defeated. The dynamo-of-a-union by definition withstands the test of time. It’s as forever as forever can be. No matter where or when in the universe, if it’s in the books to be with our Soul Mate, we will be, over and over and over again.

Most of the time, when we talk about meeting our Soul Mate, we actually mean our Twin Flame. A Twin Flame is a romantic partner and is your One. So as you seek that special someone, meant only for you, that one that you wait so long to meet, that one whom you’ve undergone lots to be with, or that one that fits you like a glove, you’re most likely referring to your Twin Flame (aka twin soul).

With our Twin Flames there is definitely magnetism and the dynamics run high. The attraction may not be so easily explained. With Twin Flame partnerships, the strength of the bond really depends on the soul agreements we made before being born, our past lives and whatever lessons we have yet to learn. Relationships are one of the most important ways to learn about ourselves, about life, and about our purpose. So, it’s quite possible to feel as though we have met our twin flame (or flames) but we haven’t actually or perhaps we actually have, but the partnership is not eternal.

When we are ready we meet the One that truly holds the key that opens our heart. When we are ready, the “forever-ness” of this relationship depends on our continual willingness to open our hearts, keep growing, and learning tolerance.

Now following some gist check points to consider:

We don’t find love. Love finds us.

It doesn’t always look the way we think it’s supposed to. If it does, be curious enough to question it.

We really do get what we need.

Vulnerability allows for the heart to continue to open; don’t be afraid to take some risks.

Let humility be your friend, if you do, your cup will always have room for more …

Recognize the possibility that you could not meet your Soul Mate / Twin Flame here on Earth, this time around. This can be a sad thought at first, however, each one of us has a unique life path and purpose that we are meant to discover. That path comes with many life lessons, opportunities to learn and to grow. It doesn’t always go the way we want it to, though, sincerely believe that if God has placed the desire of finding your twin flame in your heart, trust that it will come to pass.

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