Spiritual Direction for Former Catholics

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Recently, the National Catholic Reporter, published a very interesting article called,

“An Ancient and Contemporary pathway to God”

It talks about how there has been a growing number of U.S. Catholics who do not attend Mass on a weekly basis and how there is a fast growing segment of U.S. believers that are “spiritual” but whom practice no formal religion.

The article asks how can the church serve Catholics and reach former Catholics who say they still want to spiritual people?

The proposed answer? Spiritual Direction.

Here I share some excerpts from the article itself.

“Spiritual direction is not for the pious few, but for everyone who is seeking a relationship with God,” said Liz Budd Ellman, executive director of the Bellevue, Wash.-based Spiritual Directors International. This 20-year-old organization is a global learning community of many faiths and many nations committed to advancing spiritual direction around the world.

“Spiritual direction is an ancient practice in the church and was recovered and renewed by Vatican Council II,” said cofounder Mercy Sr. Janet Ruffing, an author and a professor in the practice of spirituality and ministerial leadership at Yale Divinity School, New Haven, Conn.

“Spiritual direction has proved vital to the everyday person, as inner development through prayer leads to outer development in the way one engages his or her family members, neighbors and the world,” Ellman said.


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