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What Is A Calling?

April 1st, 2014

What the heck is a calling? You can google it and you’ll get something like this:

A calling is a strong  urge toward a particular way of life or career or vocation.

Oprah refers to it as a whisper.

I describe a calling as a very persistent nagging feeling that refuses to permanently go away.

Even if we know the definition, it can be hard to know if we have a calling.

Without thinking about it too hard, do you hear a whisper?
Do you have a strong urge towards some particular way in your life?
Do you have a nagging sense that looms over your day to day?

If your answered YES then you in fact have a calling.  Yup. You can begin to accept the fact that you have a calling.  Actually, even if you answered NO , you have a calling. This is because everyone has calling. Everyone is called to something.  But, not everyone knows it and not everyone cares.

 Here are 5 reasons for why you might care about your calling:
  1. You feel almost haunted by a nagging feeling trying to tell you something about the direction of your life.
  2. You pretty much know that you aren’t doing what you really want to be doing or what you feel you should be doing.
  3. You don’t feel satisfied with your life even though you think you should be.
  1. You know what you’re being called to do. !Yay! But, you’re not doing it because where would you start?
  1. You believe you have a calling but you don’t know what it is.


If  you’re feeling any of the 5 reasons above, trust you are being called to something greater. Hearing a calling can be scary. Answering that call is even scarier. But the thing is, scared as you are, the call doesn’t go away. It’s like a credit collector! Okay, bad analogy. What I’m saying is that unless you answer the call you’ll never shake that feeling, you’ll always wonder what if, you risk living with regret and  you’ll never know how awesome you really are. It’s important to face the music and get real with your calling, what you’re being called to do and what the calling is.

I heard the ringing of my call at a very early age. I was very scared. It took me a long time before I could even accept that I was being called to something. I tried ignoring it. It took me an even longer time to learn what I was being called to. The journey has been amazing. I’ve always believed that it’s  God calling me.

Do you hear the “ringing” of your call? Do you know what you’re being called to? Who do you think is calling you?

Why Am I Sick?

August 22nd, 2013

Do you ever wonder why you get sick when you’re an otherwise healthy person? I do. I  wonder  it every time I get sick. You might be wondering what there is to wonder about, I’m just sick. Get over it.

I do get over it, but when I end up with a bad head cold, pick up a flu bug from who knows where or end up with some random infection that from one day to the next lays me out for 3-5 days, it makes me wonder. Makes me wonder why I’d get sick when I’m an otherwise healthy person.  I realize that we are all vulnerable, but as an energy healer, I try  to connect the dots that are hidden from plain sight.

I feel it’s my responsibility to my self to wonder why my body is out of balance. What factors could have made me susceptible or vulnerable to attack?  I’ve got to study myself as objectively as possible so that I can learn from “pit falls” and improve myself where I can. It’s not easy to be objective about oneself,  but a good practical starting place is simply wondering: “Why am I sick? Why isn’t my body working  for  me?”

I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually get a little bit sick. I usually go through a full cycle of sickness. This means I feel the onset of not feeling well, start to take care of it with natural remedies, take it easy, and then I start to really not feel well.  I can’t do anything until I’m at least 75-80% of my usual wellness. Since I can’t do much, I’ve got an abundance of time … to simply rest.

Rest? What’s that? I feel useless even though there  is a part of me that knows that I shouldn’t feel that way. Resting is so good for us and unfortunately very underrated. If you’re anything like me, you rest, give in to your body, and all the while your  mind is thinking what a shame it is that you’re resting but not even feeling well.

You think about all the stuff you could be doing.  “Damnit. I could be brushing my dog’s teeth right now.”

I notice in my thoughts and somewhere in my feelings that my “resting” is only tolerable because I’m sick.  There’s a resistance that I experience. I don’t want to give in to the needs of my body. I don’t want to let it slow me or get me down. … But it does… Then my mind goes. Following in the same order as my body, my mind seems to need rest, too. Too much thinking and my head might float off. I can’t focus. Not on a single thing. It can be too hard to even read.

Still, my mind manages to sneak in another thought and passes it off as a feeling.  What I’m feeling is: ‘This sucks.’

Wondering and observing myself  from a bird’s eye view provides insights. Objectively speaking, it would seem that I don’t generally allow myself (body and mind) to rest as much as I may need to, except for when I am sick. So maybe what’s going on here is that my mind grows weary, my body gets weak and I get sick because that’s the only time it’s acceptable to me to get rest. Getting sick seems to give me “permission” to  a) get the rest my body and mind need and b) help me to get rid of accumulated toxins.  “This [sick] sucks”. Who said that?

Getting sick is actually a real help.  Getting sick is very often a healing in the happening. Dare I say that getting sick  is a good thing? There’s a balance, a rhythm to everything. It’s natural. The body will seek to regulate homeostasis  (internal equilibrium) on its own.  The job of our selves is to let it happen. Let it be. Dive into rest. Give sick some space.

From getting sick, I realize that I’ve been pushing myself too hard. Getting sick has told me that I’m out of harmony. It reminds me to be respectful (and even gentle) with myself. It tells me that I’ve fallen out of body mind connection. I haven’t been “listening”.  So now it’s time to hit a reset button.

After being sick for a week, I feel renewed. I’m ready again to greet my days with full attention. I’m inspired again. I can go on; I’m running clear energy again.

How do you feel when you’re sick? How about after you’re sick? Do you ever wonder why you caught a tough cold or a dogged virus? Besides feeling like crap, what else do you have room to think and feel during this forced time of inactivity? Do you wonder how you might prevent yourself from getting sick in the first place?

If you haven’t ever wondered like this about being sick just try it. You’ll gain some valuable insight into yourself. Knowing how you work, what works best for you and what your optimal functioning settings are can be so very valuable because that stuff helps you to succeed in whatever your personal goals and big dreams are. From gathering basic insight (kinda like data), you can make personal adjustments that will better tune you to what you want in your life. So take a stab at it once and then do it again if you gain awareness you didn’t have before.

Go ‘head. Unlock your heart’s aspirations through self transformations one situation at a time!

Healing and Transformation: Going At It Hard

June 22nd, 2013

The Universe can be funny. On one hand it’s often said that what we want we should go after, but sometimes when we go after what we want the Universe seemingly puts the breaks on with a screeching halt. You might be left lost thinking about what went wrong.

I’m not going to be able to tell you exactly what went wrong because sometimes shit just happens. But, there is another way to understand it, a broader way to perceive what happens when you really go after what you want.

I’m talking about going at your transformation or your healing process hard — the case of going at it hard.

For almost everything, there is a hard way and a soft way to approach things and the trickiest part of this is balancing when it’s time to go hard and when it’s time to go soft. If you’re like me, you have a tendency to go at your transformation or healing hard. You want to just bulldoze through what you have to do. You want to just move forward and ahead and knock out the changes that need to be made. You soldier up. You know it’s going to be hard and you’re ready for that. You adopt the mentality that you can’t lose, that you can’t be knocked. You adopt the mentality  that you’re going to get what you don’t have because you just will. That’s going at it hard.

Going at it hard, when it comes to your healing and/or transformation is for the most part a positive, optimistic, and ready attitude to have. Overall, a positive, optimistic, and ready attitude will definitely help you move forward in your healing and transformation because  hey, you’re going after what you want. But then, there’s the funny part. It’s that part where you’re doing all the right stuff yet somehow somewhere you’re tangled.

Isn’t it funny that as you’re going at it hard, your nice long reach hits a halting stop?! You were moving in the right direction in your transformation or healing but now you feel as though you can’t get anywhere, can’t move forward, and basically find yourself in a snafu of sorts. You’re lost.  Thrown.  You don’t know why you’re intended movements forward are suddenly backfiring.

The universe is putting the breaks on. Heed this message. The universe is putting the breaks on. Stop. Red light. Do not move forward at this time. The universe is putting the breaks on. Heed this message.

But you don’t want to just stop. You want to continue how you’ve been going. How else are you going to keep moving forward, right? How else are you going to transform? How else are you going to heal yourself or a situation?

The sage ones would say, be still. Be quiet. Just Be. You think you know the way to heal. You think you know the way to transform. You go at it hard because you’ve got the idea. This is good. This isn’t bad. But it’s also not the way. Not the way right now. Now, the way is for you to listen. Empty out of the mind of what you think you know and the ideas you have. Now, the way is for you to be awakened to your self. Now, is the way for you to be sensitive and open to another way, a way that is a new to you. The way of going at it soft.

If you go at your healing and/or transformation in a soft approach, that is to say, more relaxed, calm, open, flexible, vulnerable and trusting you can move forward. Stay loose and actually, you can move forward with less energy. Knowing how and when to incorporate a soft approach to situations you’re invested in is beneficial to growth, healing, and transformation especially in that it keeps you balanced. Maintaining  or creating balance is a key component of a healing and/or transformation process.

Going at it soft may not be your first nature, so when you’re going hard at your transformation or healing and you hit a sudden breaking point, heed the universe’s message. Stop. Take some time to catch your breath. Redirect your energy. Go the soft way. And of course, use meditation, use Reiki, use Angel medicine to get you to the soft way you need at the moment.

Be conscious of this kind of a thing happening. Stay vigilant as you pursue your transformations and healing. More times than not, you’ll discover that going at it soft is the solution to springing forward again.

Where do you experience yourself going at it hard to a point where you stagnate?