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An Exercise in Gratitude Remodeled

November 30th, 2011

I’m disappointed in myself. I only made it up to 30 days of logging my gratitude. But, if I continued beyond 30 days at the same pace, I would have bored myself and probably you, too. Coming up with stuff to be grateful for each day wasn’t the hard part; the hard part was also intending not to repeat the same stuff. On most days, I found that I was grateful for the very same things, and that’s where I got bored of myself. I also noticed that this intention of mine started to turn into being more about the end — forcing something out of myself to get something down. After the 30th day, I realized that this intention lost its “true north” (its internal compass of authenticity) and I could not post anymore, otherwise it would be cow dung.

I don’t want to end project Gratitude 365. I’m not ending it. However, it’s going through some remodeling.

Beyond the 30 days of posting what I was grateful for, I have found that the gratitude I experience has come to me more in random spurts at a time as opposed to nice orderly daily doses that I had been trying to extract from my experience. To illustrate the former point, right before Thanksgiving, I felt a deep gratitude for two people and one quality that truly moved me in the given moment. Images and thoughts from out of nowhere of Emmanuela, our wonderful house helper, me being born in the month of November, and the lovely and fair fiance of mine, flushed my entire body and my spirit with a sense of satisfaction, abundance, wholeness …. feelings that were actually hard to describe, but the word “gratitude” comes the closest to describing them. And as I write this post, I feel very thankful for having a great word in my language that attempts to describe this feeling! So, I think for now, this is just how it’s going to work. Gratitude 365 will be less frequently posted, thank god, but much more authentic.


Gratitude Song – Jason Mraz

An Exercise in Gratitude – Day 30

October 21st, 2011

The gym was empty! I love when the gym is empty. Awesome.

An Exercise in Gratitude – Day 29

October 21st, 2011

Grateful that someone came to pick me up after being stranded in the company car. I was blessed in that I didn’t have I have to wait long.