Take A Break For Your Wellness

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I thought this Thanksgiving time would be a perfect time to share this great info-graphic that came my way.

Thanksgiving is a time of rest. We take a break from our usual routine to spend solid meaningful time with our immediate families and family that we don’t get to be with as often. By the time it gets around to this time of year, we’re probably in good need of a little rest before the year’s done. According to this info-graphic, breaks are more effective when taken before they’re needed. Since many people continue to work throughout the holiday season, it could help to heed some of this advice, before getting burnt out.

During this time of rest and thanks giving, take good care of yourself; don’t take for granted the time that you have here. The work that we do is without a doubt very important, but so is allowing our body to refresh, recharge, and rebalance its energy.  As the information states below, taking a lot of little breaks goes a long way.

I’m a proponent of meditating. Whether you break to meditate or meditate to break closing your eyes, following the breath, and clearing your mind even if it’s just for 5 minutes twice a day, makes a difference you can really feel. When you meditate, you clear away information overload that actually builds up every day (like tartar. ick.). I don’t want information overload build up. Do you?

Not totally ready to practice meditating? Okay, then take a nap.  I actually find taking naps harder than meditating, but my husband is the opposite. It doesn’t matter. What matters most is taking a break.  A 20 minute afternoon nap provides more rest than sleeping for 20 minutes.

Take it seriously. Take a break. It’s good for your health!

original source: http://www.onlinebusinessdegree.org/2012/11/05/take-a-break/


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