Tarot Major Arcana: 0 The Fool to 3 The Empress

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0 The Fool or El Loco (mine are in Spanish).

The fool is crazy. A clown is a fool. A not serious person is a fool. Someone who is in La-La land is a fool. They are delusional. Someone who is delusional is not with the program – not in reality – the reality that most people know. El Loco on my deck is shown walking off a roof about to fall off yet he looks content. He is actually not a fool; he is a dreamer, a seeker, maybe even a prophet,a student, a hero about to embark (or fall off a roof) on his own personal journey to God knows where…literally to God knows where.

If you are acting a fool, it may look and feel like: I am thinking of getting a divorce because I haven’t been happy in this marriage for 15 of the 17 years we’ve been married. I just lost my job now what do I do? I am about to get married, I have no idea what this is going to be like, but I am doing it anyway. I am starting a new creative project and I don’t even have all the tools I need to complete it. I have just moved away from home and I’m scared.

As a fool, I set sail, I embark, I prepare as best I can for lift off. I fall off a cliff to God knows where, to a path of uncertainty. There may be a vague idea as to where I am going or where I am being taken but it is overall a very uncertain Way. Still, I must go for I am being led and there is something greater than myself propelling me.

1 The Magician or El Mago.

Having embarked on my path, my journey has really just begun. I start thinking that I would feel better if I knew where I was going. I ask myself, do I really know where I’m going? I need a map … maybe a compass, too … a flashlight wouldn’t be a bad idea … and is my head screwed on tight? Am I, me, my self, my soul ready for all this? The Magician tells me that I am. The Magician speaks to me saying that I have everything I need and all that it takes to be on this journey. It may take a little bit of resourcefulness, craftiness and all my wits, but that is all within me. I may have to pull tricks out of a bag, but I can do that; I do tricks if I have to! “Don’t worry,” the Magician says, “you have the ability to create Magic. Get to it already.”

Everyone has magic within them. We must know our Magic and use it to help ourselves along our Way. Sometimes, someone may use their Magic on us. Did we know it was their Magic? Will we be deceived? Do we want the Magic they are showing us? Do we like their performance? Will we fall for his illusion? Knowing our own Magic and using our own Magic will help us make the best decision for ourselves. Hopefully, we will be all the richer for our encounter with the Magician.

3 The Empress or La Emperatriz.

As I continue on my Way I learn that I know where to go because of my Intuition. The Empress helps me to connect with my instinctive knowledge. She uses hers in order to have what she desires and it seems that in following her instincts she creates a state of natural harmony within herself and her peripheral.

I know what my next step will be because I am starting to become aware of the harmony that exists all around me, especially in nature. I realize that I am a part of this harmony. I notice that when I allow myself to be led by the inspiration that finds me, my gut kicks in and gives me my next clue. Like with the Empress, all is at my fingertips and all I need to do is relax and enjoy what surrounds me. All beauty is for me. What a wonderful and powerful feminine feeling I have from the Empress. She connects me to my inner strength.


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