The Holistic Healing Minute Review

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Nicole Lanning is a beautiful soul in the world. And if that weren’t enough, she provides us with a wonderful offering, too. Nicole Lannning is the founder of Holistic Healing Minute, a daily online video series that enlightens, motivates, educates and inspires. Her bright energy and down to earth style is sure to capture your attention — just as it did for me.

The Lessons that she has put together bring the important basics of Holistic Healing. What’s so great about these lessons are that they are practical. Now, for me, practical is a magical word. I’m a practical gal who really appreciates how and where the Sacred and Mundane meet. I think that is why I was able to enjoy the Holistic Healing Minute so much. It provided me with a daily dose of practical magic, so to speak. But that’s just me.

Why would you want to learn about Holistic Healing through the Holistic Healing Minute online video series? Some thoughts are:

  • it’s a quick daily lesson
  • it’s interactive
  • it adds Zest to your day
  • you control how much time you spend with each lesson
  • all lessons are archived
  • you can share what you learn with others
  • it’s an opportunity for making changes to your life

AND last but never least: It offers you daily support while you support Nicole, thereby creating a circle of love and abundance — of giving and receiving.

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I wanted to share just a little bit of my personal note taking while I was working with Holistic Healing Minute online video series.

All is Energy. This was such a great “class”.  I believe that all is energy. I believe that everything is Love. In the video clip, my short 5 minute task is to take time to consider other energy formats that were not mentioned in the clip. I considered two. The first energy format I thought of was Love. Love is an energy. This brought me to think about a question that I recently have been holding in my heart and waiting for a divine answer to — is all love? The second energy format my mind thought up was of folks whose energy is less vibrant and more dim than I enjoy being around. While I feel that way, the video helped me consider another point of view about it. I was inspired to consider  that I CAN still appreciate that energy format for the energy that it is. For, that energy format is energy, too. We are all energy. Maybe there are different energy formats/vibrations, but it is still energy. [Now, if I can only learn to apply this principle daily with the energy format of spiders!] I also very much appreciated that the “class” was short, sweet, and to the point.

Hand Chakras has left me feeling excited! I can’t wait to use my new found energy chakras.

Reiki On, Reiki Off – Running Energy – This “class” alone may make the entire Holistic Healing Minute online video series worth anyone’s attention … well, wait, there is also the other “class” where Nicole Lanning shares Energy Attunements — what are they?? What do they do?? … and then there’s the Chi ball “class” which was pretty fun.

Chi Ball! I had so much fun with the Chi Ball. Send it! Throw it! Place it in the Universe. I threw a bunch of Chi Balls to my family. And while I am writing this, let me just throw one over to you, too. Did you get it yet? Close your eyes, feel it coming to you, that’s it, you’re getting it. See the colors? Feel the heat? I just sent you a Chi Ball of Joy!

Centering Your Energy is a very important tool for anyone to have in their tool box.  While this is true for anyone, I find it to be especially true for those of us who are empathic. There are many ways of centering your energy and I really enjoyed this one. I have been able to add yet another tool in my box. The centering your energy exercise itself is a must.

Have I gone on enough? I think so. Check out the Holistic Healing Minute with Nicole Lanning for yourself.

Do something wonderful for yourself that truly will make a difference in your daily life, if you let it be so. This is a wonderful way to start the New Year.

May you develop your practice of devotion. 


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