The Tarot: Major Arcana

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The Tarot: Major Arcana and the Story of Our Lives

My first thought on including anything Tarot on my blog was: it dosn’t fit. Then I thought I do have a little bit of Astrology on my blog and that doesn’t really fit either. My decision to include the Astrology was easy because I think for Sensitive people understanding why we may be feeling out of sorts or just unusual in our bodies – physical, mental and emotional – can be a real relief. It is helpful to have an explanation for what we may not comprehend but are definitely feeling. For me (and I suspect for others) Astrology helps to explain. As we are a part of the planet and the larger universe, when there are changes and movements in the air up there, no doubt we are affected. Seems reasonable. So maybe its reasonable to make a little room for Tarot on my blog, too. I hope it will be helpful to those who want to explore the Tarot as a way of getting in touch with the Higher Self or their Potential or The Hero in themselves.


Just yesterday I saw a mother and her little boy together at the bookstore. He showed her the book he wanted to get.I didn’t see what book it was until after they had abruptly left the book section. For as soon as he had shown his mother what he was interested in having, she replied, “You want that? Why do you want that? Those cards are not good, why do you want that?.” She was clearly uncomfortable and she quickly lead him out of the book section they were in. He followed her, he had no choice in the matter. Looking disillusioned he answered innocently, “Because I want them.”

I thought to myself, ‘what is the controversy?’and when I saw what he was showing her I realized the controversy. He had wanted a traditional set of Rider Waite Tarot cards. I felt sad for him. He was denied. In fact, he couldn’t even have a conversation around it with her. His mother wasn’t having it. She was ignorant of the positive qualities of these cards and reacted fearfully.

The thing that made me feel sad about this was that because, as a Sensitive myself, I know that it’s not your everyday 9 or 10 year old boy that is interested in the Tarot. He must have a genuine reason, a sincere interest coming from somewhere within himself that is asking his mother to nourish this part of him. After all,it wasn’t the vampire deck he was interested in or the Shaman’s deck; it was the traditional Renaissance Rider Waite deck. Often, this deck is the first one with which most Tarot explorers begin their own journey of spiritual growth. It is safe and has friendly imagery to begin to unlock the imagination and the world of symbols. Maybe I felt sad for him because it reminded me of myself at that age, feeling the proximity of the Beyond but being unable to have the tools,resources or support to understand what I felt.

Learning about the Tarot helped me to connect with a part of me that I had some difficulty getting in touch with. I’ve always prayed and journeled and while those are central spiritual practices of mine, the Tarot inspired me through its symbols, archetypes, and imagination. Recently, I was inspired to write about the Tarot, specifically the Major Arcana, so that I could roughly describe the story it contains of personal growth. The use of symbols and archetypes are so creative and offer help in creating one’s very masterpiece. Yep, still working on mine … but I’ve gotta lifetime!

The Tarot is a great tool to help you understand your life purpose and to show at what juncture you find yourself. I’ll be focusing on the the Major Arcana. Traditionally, it is a set of 22 cards, 0-22. The 22 cards are symbols that weigh heavier than the Minor Arcana cards in that their symbols speak to the more Sacred in our lives; they represent the archetypes of our higher purpose. Whereas,the Minor Arcana tends to deal with the mundane; matters of immediate significance in our daily lives.

The next post will be the first Major Arcana card – 0 The Fool or El Loco.


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