The Triple Grid Tool

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This is the Triple Grid. You use it to clear up the crazy funk that sometimes starts to “accrue” like pollutants in un-purified air. You can use it for a lot of other things, but I use it when things start “smelling” bad or if I feel like I’m getting bad vibes about something.

I wasn’t sure if it would work, to be very honest. The verbiage didn’t really resonate with me, but I gave it a try despite my initial feelings because my multi-dimensional healing friend, Hilarie Cox, told me that it was really very useful to her. Of course, she would not steer me wrong. It helps clear space and my energies each and every time. So, check it out. If you haven’t come across it yet, experiment with it and see how it works for you.

P.s. let me know what you think.

In the Triple Grid Spiritual Tool you ask specific groups to set up their level of the grid, designating the geometric shape, size and location. Spherical grids are the most stable and easy to maintain. Try to renew this grid weekly or whenever you notice energy getting funky.


Legions of Michael: grid level one, spherical my (house, building, car, property etc).

Destroyer Force Angels: grid level two, spherical my (same as you chose).

Circle Security: grid level three, spherical my (same again).

Destroyer Force Angels, please spin your grid, spinning out astral entities, stray electromagnetic frequencies, fear, disharmony, anger, adverse astrological influences, expectation, frustration, viruses, fungus, bacteria, worry, astral distortions, miscommunication, sadness, enemy patterning, scarcity, loneliness, and spin out anything that hasn’t been mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to leave the space at this time.” (fill in whatever is needed according to your situation).

When the clearing feels complete, continue with:

Reverse spin, same stuff”. When that feels complete, end with “Stop spin. Thank you.

Legions of Michael infuse your grid with the energies of Grace, Faith, Hope, Peace, Purity, Liberty, Harmony and Victory Elohim.

Infuse with Love intimacy, the Unified Chakra, centeredness, clarity, full connection with Spirit, tolerance, clear communication, health, wealth, following Spirit without hesitation, mastery, sovereignty, living Heaven, and anything else I haven’t mentioned in this or any other language, but which you know needs to be in this space at this time. Please seal grid. Thank you.” (Again fill in with what you need according to the situation.)

Circle Security, realign grids to harmonize with upper dimensional grid-works. Release all distortions and parasites on the grids. Infuse frequencies for clearer communication with Spirit. Seal grid. Thank you.”


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