What’s Your Mask?

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Recently, I was at a woman’s conference, and in one of the sessions we talked about how others perceive you and how you wish to be perceived and how little of the whole of you that others really see you for. In this discussion, one woman had spoken up about how she sort of controlled how she was perceived by essentially acting differently at work than at home. She said she was a different person at work than at home, that she kept work separate from home, yet she was still the same person … but different.

Her statement struck me. Of course I totally understood where she was coming from. For the most part, we’re always tuning our behavior to fit our present situations. Most of us do what’s considered “appropriate”. Now I do believe that’s important, but her statement struck me because it made me question why we do that at all.

Other women in our group were nodding their heads in agreement with what the woman shared – they, too were different people at home than they were at work. I quietly questioned why we feel the need to do that. After the conference, I was still contemplating my question and then I got it: It’s our ego. Our ego feels the need to do this because its job is to manage our persona. The part, where the woman admitted that despite her acting different at home versus work she was still the same person, that part there is the separation that our ego creates for us and within us, in order to protect us presumably from the follies of our own self.

I then started to wonder why we need protection from ourselves? What on earth is ego protecting us from, acting like the parent that has told us at some point in our lives, “you can’t see it now, but trust me, you’ll thank me for this later.” Ego — your own personal PR Manager. Maybe when we were young and getting socialized we needed protection, but as grown adults, why are we still mostly relying on the parental ego to censor us? Are we really that dangerous to ourselves and each other?

Let’s awaken to the reality that ego is a part of who we are, not the sum total of who we are. What happens is that we allow ego to act like it’s all of who we are and as a result, we cut ourselves up into different personas and we compartmentalize our entire life. We categorize ourselves, our behaviors, and put on different masks like different outfits for every day, every situation, and every person. That’s well and good if you wish to live the same way for the rest of your life, and if you don’t mind society at large staying in Sameville. But, if you’re interested in evolving yourself, like I am, then we need new ways of being — more evolved ways of being.

If you’re like me and have a vision for yourself, this kind of self division can get in the way of reaching your dreams. Like Mark 3:25 and Lincoln said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.” Full alignment and unity within must be there in order to realize visions, and if we are busy creating and maintaining the various personas that we have,  that is a lot of focus taken away from the whole pie, the wholeness of you.

You have an inner knowing that there is a “you” that exists who is visceral, genuine and real. Now is the time to be that “you”, because if you have a vision for yourself and your life but it’s not an easy journey to take, it seems frightening but alluring, it is daunting but you just know you have to fulfill it, you are on a path to wholeness my friend. You will evolve yourself and many others. You are journeying from separation to wholeness. When we are whole, we are one united harmonious being. We are more powerful in Oneness than we are in division.

Do you want to be who you really are meant to be? Do you have desires to be a person that you can admire, look up to, trust and love? Stop perpetuating your various personas. Be your best self daily, in every situation, with every person, in all areas. Don’t be perfect, that will never happen. But practice being your true self, through and through. Align all of your personas and turn them into One being. We are moving towards a reality where we can just be, no need for the masks.

Where in your life are you acting and behaving differently than who you truly feel that you are? How much do you desire what you envision? Start getting whole and take yourself higher than where you are now.




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