You’re Too Sensitive!

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Are you a Sensitive?

As a kid growing up, my parents always told me that I was too sensitive.  As a result, I ended up feeling as though being “too sensitive” was a weakness, a maladaptation. Feeling limited in this way didn’t do anything positive for my self esteem, instead it made me feel little.

I don’t blame my parents for telling me I was too sensitive. The truth was that I was too sensitive for what they and everyone else around were used to. My parents were trying to help me adapt to the world I lived in. They wanted to make me strong and resilient.

As I got older and entered my teens, I noticed that, “hey, yeah, I am more sensitive than my friends and peers”. The way I took things, felt things, saw things was on a more personal level. I took, felt, and saw things more intensely than my peers, generally. I wondered, “why do I feel this way and no one else seems to? Is there something wrong with me?” My reactions tended not to fit in to everyone else’s reaction to life’s “normal” things.

As you can probably tell by now, a sensitive person will generally feel, see, and take in the world more intensely and more personally. To others, it seems “too sensitive” or  “so dramatic”. Here I’d like to say that many of us admire the qualities of actors. And here is the thing, actors are good because they are usually people who are sensitive enough to become any character. They train in putting on many different masks and stepping into lots of different shoes. The better they can do that the more they are respected and loved. Senstives are not much different than actors, except for that they aren’t necessarily actors and they aren’t actually acting. When your sensitive you experience life around you like everyone else but just more intense or heightened.

Often, for a Sensitive, the barriers or boundaries that one normally would have, are sort of lacking in them. Similar to water, they are so flexible they pick up the shape of whatever they are molding to. Because of this, it’s very important to become aware of personal boundaries. Having boundaries is healthy and necessary to a Sensitive’s (and to anyone, really) overall well being. So, if you think you are a Sensitive you may notice that you lend yourself out farther than others would (like water) and on top of that, it often leads you to not feeling so great for some reason or another.

Consider a berry fruit for a second. Berries don’t have a shell or even thick skin. They are sort of naked and vulnerable fruits. Of course, Berries are more prone to pesticide contaminations than say for example, a coconut. In this way, we can say that berries are sensitive.  Just as berries are more prone to “pesticides”, so too are Sensitives — to people pesticides that is. What are people pesticides? They are negative or heavier, thicker, denser energies, certain noises, the feng-shui or lack of feng-shui in spaces, lights, subtle vibrations from either people or the earth, certain foods, types of metals and so on.

Well, what do you think? Are you a “too sensitive”? Do you know someone who is?

How does a sensitive person get by? It really depends on how sensitive you are. In my practice and experience, the sensitivities are more heightened than in the average person but also not extreme to where the sensitivities are severely limiting to living life. However, being labeled “too sensitive” with a negative connotation, whether intended or not, does affect at least the following to various degrees:

Self-esteem, confidence, empowerment, independence, clarity, focus, direction, life-purpose, centered-ness and of most importance relationships with others.

It is important to know whether you are a Sensitive rather than you are “too sensitive”.  Why? Discovering whether you are a Sensitive can be the key to beginning to rebuild self esteem, regain confidence, reclaim empowerment, have clarity, direction, feel a sense of true purpose and so on. The thing is, if you are a Sensitive, it’s because it is a gift. Yes. It is a unique special gift that you have, and it’s for you to use in your life in some unique and special way.

Once a Sensitive person acknowledges their vulnerabilities as a gift and not a curse or a limitation, it will open up a pathway to wholeness in them. And being whole means being integrated and balanced … and that feels good … and that means being well … and that leads to lots of happy feelings.

Tell me what you think? Are you Sensitive? Or just “too sensitive”? I’d love to hear.


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